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* June 20, 2016 (10:42-10:44 p.m.): Adulticide applied to the area.
The initial transmission and disease prevalence were found to be highly linked to mosquito population suggesting control measures such as vector adulticides and larvicides to be applied to reduce the mosquito population.
Two mosquito adulticides used by the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District are naled and permethrin (brand names Dibrom and Biomist 30-30, respectively).
When one further considers that the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta does not recommend massive aerial "adulticide" pesticide spraying, the case is strong against the widespread "pump and dump" spraying practices that are rampant in many towns.
It is important that we exclude flea allergy, so using an adulticide for fleas is essential.
Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Md Atiqul Islam said the import of anti-mosquito medicines like larvicide and adulticide requires clearance from several agencies-and it's a time-consuming process.
These strategies consisted of source reduction by eliminating water-holding containers, larvicide treatment of stagnant waters, adulticide treatment (fumigation) of public gardens, and cleaning up uncontrolled landfills.
Insect growth regulators, along with an adulticide, may be helpful.
Adulticide application, habitat source reduction, and larviciding are the most important tools for prevention and control of arthropod vector borne diseases.
aegypti counts decreased to one per trap per day after the second aerial spraying with naled; counts then gradually returned to high levels (>20 per trap per day) in the adulticide-only spray area, but were maintained at about 5-10 per trap per day for at least 1 month in the area treated with both adulticide and larvicide (Figure 3).
The pesticide used for these trials was Dibrom (Naled; AMVAC Chemical Corp., Los Angeles, CA) organophosphate adulticide, applied at 500 ft (152.4 m) AGL.
Hopkins and co-authors (1975) showed that areas utilizing ultra-low-volume aerial adulticide spraying experienced a reduced infection rate of Saint Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV; Flaviviridae family, Flavivirus genus) in Texas.
The MHD and DES have also been closely coordinating with Liga to ensure that dengue prevention and control measures, including the spraying of adulticide targeting adult dengue carriers in high-risk areas, are properly and safely carried out.
A survey carried out with fractions of Annona squamosa showed adulticide and larvicide activity, as well as oviposition inhibition in the different development instars of Aedes albopictus.