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Adulticides still play a vital role when flooding causes extreme numbers of nuisance mosquitoes or when outbreaks of diseases such as SLE occur.
Invitation to Bid: Aerial and ground adulticide for mosquito control
has been named the exclusive distributor of Aqua-Reslin(R), the highly regarded water-based mosquito adulticide, featuring the innovative Film-Forming Aqueous Spray Technology (FFAST).
is poised to respond to nationwide emergency needs within hours, fully customizing its services from consulting, to adulticide application, to integrated mosquito control programming.
Among the supplies that will be used by the WASH team are sterilizing and disinfecting solution (MD) such as Hyposol, Adulticide (Pesguard/Gokilat) and Larvicide.
There, he developed a full Integrated Pest Management (IMP) program, employing a more targeted approach to adulticide application based on surveillance and trapping.
Contract award: market further appropriate procedure supplies the mapa 2012-203 for lot 2 a "supply adulticide for mosquito treatment in service activities lav mosquito.
Gentle Touch is an adulticide that kills and repels fleas for up to four weeks.
Hartz(R) UltraGuardplus(TM) Drops for Cats features an all-new formula that combines Etofenprox, a well-tested adulticide that kills fleas, deer ticks and mosquitoes, and (S)-Methoprene, an insect growth regulator to prevent flea eggs from maturing.
A flea adulticide that starts working almost immediately, Advantage
including the company's exclusive marketing rights to etofenprox, a leading edge technology insect adulticide approved for on-animal use, for approximately $10 million.
Cat owners identified fleas, summer heat and not getting enough exercise as their top three summer concerns in a national survey conducted by Advantage(TM) Flea Adulticide, the new generation of flea control that kills adult fleas on contact.
With regard to our mosquito adulticide, Dibrom(R), we are gratified that once again it is proving to be a valuable tool in helping stem the spread of diseases.
Unlike adulticide treatments -- quick-fix methods that only kill adult mosquitoes -- a larvicide targets mosquitoes in the early stages of their development, before they become breeding, biting, disease-transmitting adults.
Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait (atsb) Mosquito Adulticide