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Synonyms for adulthood



Synonyms for adulthood

the state (and responsibilities) of a person who has attained maturity

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Obstacles like discrimination and a lack of resources can make the path to adulthood even more difficult.
The National Institute of Justice supports the importance of emerging adulthood as an area of criminological inquiry.
Our study objectives were to: 1) apply the LCHD framework to assess childhood and life course determinants of weight status in adulthood, 2) evaluate associations between adulthood weight status and geographical differences in air quality, and 3) assess gender-specific factors associated with weight status in adulthood.
In fact, beyond rooting the women's rights and abolitionist movements in a deeper intellectual history, Field's most significant contribution may be that she demonstrates how white manhood--and, to an extent, black manhood--was also shaped by the ideology of adulthood.
Close parent-child relationships most often result in close relationships between siblings in adulthood (Fortuna et al.
Among those diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder in childhood, more than 59 percent had a serious challenge in adulthood and about 34 percent had numerous problems.
The study is ongoing and has followed the participants from childhood through adulthood -- most are now in their 30s.
A big part of this, I think, comes from how we see adulthood when we're growing up.
However, all groups showed signs of having difficulty forming social relationships, particularly when it came to maintaining long-term friendships or good ties with parents in adulthood, and were more than twice as likely to have difficulty in keeping a job, or commit to saving, and as such displayed a higher propensity for being impoverished in young adulthood.
Arrested adolescent offenders; a study of delayed transitions to adulthood.
Now researchers have found that elevated risk of trouble extends into adulthood, sometimes even a decade after the intimidation has ended.
It has also been shown to help prevent allergic reactions to foods and prevent adulthood diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
The purpose of this research is to study the trajectory of self-esteem development in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood during their developmental stages.
Asperger Syndrome in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians covers issues of diagnosis and psychosocial issues, plus different kinds of interventions for Asperger's in adulthood, and blends the authors' combined clinical expertise with publish research to provide a multidisciplinary approach to assessment and treatment options.
Those who had been bullied had an elevated rate of agoraphobia (fear of going out) in adulthood.