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Synonyms for adulthood



Synonyms for adulthood

the state (and responsibilities) of a person who has attained maturity

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Among those diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder in childhood, more than 59 percent had a serious challenge in adulthood and about 34 percent had numerous problems.
The researchers found that as these children grew into adults, even some of those who had no psychiatric diagnosis as children -- nearly one in five -- stumbled in adulthood, suggesting that difficulties were not limited to those with psychiatric diagnoses.
Key clinical point: Cardiovascular health in adulthood is directly related to favorable psychosocial factors in youth, according to a new metrics system developed by the American Heart Association.
But the rigid image of adulthood is very prevalent, and it's hard not to buy into.
The 2013 Clark University Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults was developed by Arnett, who coined the term "emerging adulthood.
It was concluded that non-breastfed individuals had a greater risk of depression in adulthood.
Boys and girls tended to handle anxiety from bullying differently (avoidance versus suicidality), but the effects of bullying were found to be substantial and varied in adulthood.
It seems to me that the term "coming-of-age" can apply to two distinctly different stages--that from childhood to adolescence and then that from adolescence to young adulthood (or "bildungsroman").
CHILDREN with behavioural problems at school are more than twice as likely to suffer chronic pain in adulthood, researchers said.
This prospective longitudinal study examines the antecedents of adolescent mothers' transition into adulthood and their attainment of multiple adult statuses in their early 30s in a nonclinical sample.
Calcium and dairy intake: longitudinal trends during the transition to young adulthood and correlates of calcium intake.
On the Frontier of Adulthood reveals a startling new fact: adulthood no longer begins when adolescence ends.
Using a life span development framework, the six chapters explore caregiving at six stages of life--childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood, and young, middle, and older adulthood.
JEDDAH: The Shoura Council has passed legislation raising the age of adulthood from 15 to 18 amid strong opposition from the council's president and some members, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported yesterday.