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Synonyms for adultery



Synonyms for adultery

extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations

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The rival Islamic State (IS) jihadist organisation is also accused of executing several women and men for alleged adultery or homosexuality.
The Sunni jurists of different opinions about it, but most of this is that if a man has intercourse with his wife to see her and kill her and be able to prove adultery is exempt from punishment, or retribution and some believe that if we see adultery and fornication or adultery or non-bound to kill a murderer is exempt from retaliation.
Suggestive texts, flirtatious Facebook messages or being spotted in a dark corner of the pub do not necessarily amount to adultery for the purpose of a divorce petition.
Under Sharia law, adultery can be substantiated through a confession or if four people witnessed the offence and testified before the court.
Mohseni Ejeie said that Mohammadi-Ashtiani still faces both the murder and the adultery charges but "some more time and investigation is required to arrive at a definite sentence.
Ashtiani, 43, said, "I was found guilty of adultery and was acquitted of murder.
Murder, adultery, rape, armed robbery, apostasy and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Iran's sharia law, enforced since the 1979 Islamic revolution.
Her case was then reopened and she was convicted of adultery during her marriage, for which she was given the sentence of death by stoning.
A Somali woman has been stoned to death for committing what a judge has said was adultery.
Former model Jo Wood - who appeared in this series of Strictly Come Dancing - was granted a decree nisi by a judge after the musician admitted adultery.
Summary: Muslims who commit adultery in Indonesia's Aceh province may be stoned to death under a controversial new sharia or Islamic law passed by the local parliament on Monday.
The pair were charged with adultery following a raid on the hotel and jailed for two months each by a court in the United Arab Emirates.
A BRITISH man and woman were each jailed for two months in Dubai yesterday for committing adultery.
A LIVERPOOL mum is expected to appear in a Dubai court later today on the charge of committing adultery.
Courts prosecute cases of adultery and rape according to Articles 422-433 of the Penal Code, which does not explicitly criminalise rape.