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Synonyms for adultery



Synonyms for adultery

extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations

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Thus Leckie describes the Madeline Smith case as one which brought the knowledge of adultery into the public eye, although none of the principals was married and Smith was sexually intimate with only one lover.
Advocate Sheraz Zaka, who was counsel for the petitioner in the impugned judgement, also argued that by the restoration of section 7 of Divorce Act other reasonable grounds were now available and men no longer needed to falsely impute the charge of adultery upon their wives in order to seek divorce from a court.
Sundaram said that the law doesn't hold relevance in modern times, and added, "If we compare it to foreign countries like Uganda, Guatemala, South Korea they have removed the provision of adultery.
74% fewer divorced adultery Divorces can also be given if one person in the marriage deserts the other, either without their partner's agreement or without good reason.
n also 74% fewer divorced adultery Divorces can be given if one person in the marriage deserts the other, either without their partner's agreement or without good reason.
Jin Ping Mei is a Chinese novel written during the late Ming Dynasty that includes explicit descriptions of adultery and sexual behavior.
Inside will be found valuable knowledge, wisdom and encouragement to help live a wonderful life after adultery.
The article points out that one must bring four witnesses to prove adultery in such a court, or the perpetrator must admit to doing it.
The answer is not to change the definition of adultery, but to abolish the need to prove misconduct at all.
A previous version of the law that stood for 70 years was less reluctant to allow divorce and had other reasons for divorce other than adultery, including conversion to other beliefs, if one of the partners were sentenced to prison for more than seven years, domestic abuse, mistreatment, and other reasons.
Adultery, on the other hand, makes married love cheap and uses people for pleasure.
Summary: Observatory for Human Rights says 14 people have been executed for alleged adultery or homosexuality in war-torn country since July.
MANILA -- A bill has been filed in the House of Representatives proposing amendments to the Revised Penal Code, particularly its provisions on adultery and concubinage that are deemed discriminatory to women.
Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) has denied reports circulated by a local English-language newspaper about a plan by its courts to waive the penalty for adultery if the individuals involved were to marry, pointing out that the courts are meant to enforce the law and not to modify it.
Rape had long been considered as adultery in Afghanistan and blames were casted against women.