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Synonyms for adulterous

Synonyms for adulterous

characterized by adultery

not faithful to a spouse or lover

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If, for example, there were no societal tradition, either way, regarding the rights of the natural father of a child adulterously conceived, we would have to consult, and (if possible) reason from, the traditions regarding natural fathers in general.
The first Paget scandal was when Sir Charles' brother Henry, first Marquis of Anglesey, left his wife and eight children to elope adulterously in 1808 with Lady Charlotte Wellesley, sister-in-law to the Duke of Wellington.
Certainly Philadelphia was said by local gossips to have behaved adulterously.
ATHIS is a problem of your mind, not your body which is functioning adequately - if adulterously.
63) Scalia, no fewer than six times, referred to Michael (as if to drive home a point) as the "adulterous natural father"(64) For example, when discussing (indeed, mocking) Justice Brennan's idea that Michael has a "freedom not to conform," Scalia stated that Gerald must concomitantly have a "freedom to conform" and that "[o]ne of them will pay a price for asserting that 'freedom' -- Michael by being unable to act as father of the child he has adulterously begotten, or Gerald by being unable to preserve the integrity of the traditional family unit he and Victoria have established.