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Synonyms for adulterous

Synonyms for adulterous

characterized by adultery

not faithful to a spouse or lover

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Adulterous Generation offers relief via a few rare instances of genuine human connection -- the foster brother who stays with his sibling as he waits to get in trouble, the clerk who helps a robber get away because she wants to get away too.
A spokesman for the Diocese of Bath & Wells said: "Mr Hodson resigned his post as Assistant Curate at St Andrews, Taunton after declaring he had engaged in an adulterous relationship with a woman.
Baghlan-i-Marakazi district police chief Col Afzal Khan said Azimullah had claimed the boy and her daughter were involved in an adulterous affairs.
Kim claims Quinton, 31 - out of work since leaving Bolton last year - had "a number of unduly intimate and adulterous relationships" in court papers.
Hand on heart, I've never had an adulterous affair, but I've seen some attractive and accomplished friends get entangled in damaging and fraught relationships with married lovers, fully conscious of the potential harm it could cause to the man, his family and themselves.
And he claimed: "Here is my lying, cheating, adulterous whore of a wife of 26 years.
Shouldn't the longtime married, adulterous John Prescott be banned from working with secretaries?
It is perhaps an appropriate moment in the Church calendar to remember that Jesus was willing to share his life with people from all walks of life, and all levels of society, including the dispossessed, the adulterous, and the unloved.
Chris' mentor Alec has already decided that Erin is the perfect bride for Chris, and Alec's adulterous wife is up to plots of her own.
It's one thing to be outed as gay, but to be outed as an adulterous, evangelical, rent boy--soliciting meth head?
She was mum about marital rumors and didn't offer any juicy tidbits about the couple's adulterous on-screen affair.
They were the hated tax collector, the officer of an occupying army, an outcast woman alone at the well from whom he requested water, or even an adulterous woman who by law deserved to be stoned to death.
So it is with some surprise and disappointment that her autobiography appears to be a trawl through her early, adulterous marriage, fuelled by an overabundance of alcohol.
They could well be living in an adulterous, common-law relationship, as well as having committed many other serious sins without confessing them to a priest.
In the biblical story where Jesus makes that comment, a group of people have brought to Jesus a woman who was caught in the act of adultery and was to be stoned to death (yet the group did not bring the adulterous man as well), and the group tried to trap Jesus and get him to say something that either contradicted the Old Testament or that contradicted Jesus' own words.