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Synonyms for adulterous

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Synonyms for adulterous

characterized by adultery

not faithful to a spouse or lover

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During a taped police interview, Cooper said he killed Teresa because she had been adulterous.
An adulterous couple did threaten order, since the choice to have sexual relations that violated the marriage bond defied patriarchal authority.
In The White Devil both evil and good characters are drawn into schemes involving political intrigue, adulterous desire, and bloody revenge.
While his location of the roots of such stories in various Ovidian traditions of adulterous or tragic love and in the Boccaccian discourse on love as an ineluctable natural appetite is correct as far as it goes, the stories' social dynamic is largely neglected.
The author's second great major novel, it is the story of a tragic, adulterous love.
In his petition, Abiodun, who resides at Samonda Estate in Ibadan, told the court that the respondent was adulterous and greedy.
CSI: Miami (9.00pm) The CSIs investigate the kidnapping of a 10-monthold girl and think they have found a suspect when it revealed the child was conceived as the result of an adulterous affair.
But the story still grips - related to royalty, forced into marriage before having an adulterous family with her long-term lover, involved in treason and exiled from the court.
She and Clive Owen (right, with Aniston) star as executives who embark on an adulterous affair, only to be viciously attacked by a man who breaks into their hotel room.
This time, they're investigating the suspicious death of a soon-to-be-wed teenager, and uncover a sordid tale of adulterous affairs.
exposed last week as engaging in an adulterous affair ...
But, since the Prince of Wales has been ' knowing' his bit on the side/ his adulterous affair/the love of his life, whatever words come to mind, for many years, what's new?
Most cases involve men over 50 who used their new lease of sexual life to start adulterous affairs with younger women.
His drama Gertrude The Cry defends the hapless prince's much-maligned adulterous mother, depict-ing her as a wretched soul driven beyond reason.
The Rev Jesse Jackson took his pregnant mistress to the White House while he was advising President Clinton over his adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky, it was reported yesterday.