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conceived in adultery

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de Gravier (who, along with Clagny, is one of Dinah's trio of spurned local admirers) had recounted a Gothic tale involving a Spanish grandee, his wife, her lover, an adulterine baby requiring a clandestine delivery, and an indiscreet surgeon.
However the pun on liaison--a chemical bond and a sexual relationship--suggests that the adjective adulterine, as in the legal expression, rapports adulterins, may also be included in the portmanteau.
Since it omitted adulterine bastardy, and required a subsequent marriage, this law had quite limited effects.
24) A grown man sued his father for being "born an adulterine bastard.
Surprisingly, "[t]he confessor's manual told priests that they could absolve a penitent married woman who bore an adulterine child while cohabiting with her husband" (119).
Between these extremes, she may produce either legitimate or adulterine children, and the legitimate offspring may be born either before or after her adultery.
Such adulterine children were deemed by law to belong to the husband, and could thus dilute the haemic coherence of the family: legitimized bastards would reduce the husband's gift to his biological progeny.
Or, cette jeune femme avait une relation adulterine et la douleur sourde du bas-ventre, pensee bobo-dans-le-ventre, avait toutes les chances de s'aggraver en ictere-anemie.