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So why should society be disrespectful of them or tag them as adulteresses?"
Haller and her relationship to other adulteresses such as Harriet Esten and Charlotte Twisleton, and Charlotte Twisleton's sister-in-law, the "Miss Twisleton" who caught Jane Austen's eye at Bath, suggest the complex dimensions of the period's fascination with the actress/adulteress.
Adulteresses are stoned, adulterers get a slap on the wrist.
Instantly the mischief making and the downright ignorant translated his words as meaning the wilder excesses of Sharia law be incorporated with our own to lop hands from thieves and stone adulteresses.
(15) Not all wives who deserted their husbands became adulteresses, but many did.
They behead criminals, stone to death female adulteresses and throw acid in the faces of women who refuse to wear the chadar.''
Although the novellas in which women are victims of violence have received most critical attention, Brownlee constructively points out that Zayas's female characters encompass not only innocent victims, but resourceful avengers, lascivious adulteresses, and cruel sadists.
The scandals, private or public, and the deaths by drowning in the river, the tales of gamblers, and drunks, and murderers, and of the ones murdered, of adulterers and adulteresses, of when this brother did that, and no it was the other brother, hour after hour." There is so much evidence in this memoir of Foote's living a life of professional observation early on - and as much a life of the mind as his cultural circumstance permitted - that one wonders why it took him so long to see himself for the writer he became rather than the actor he first aspired to be.