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Known as "Dame Folly" by scholars, she is the alter ego to Lady Wisdom just as the adulteress is to the lifelong wife.
If the adulterer or adulteress is unmarried, the sentence shall be whipping 100 lashes.
The scholar said that the Quran, the holy book of Muslims, never prescribed stoning as punishment for adultery and that the punishment prescribed by the Shariah is 100 lashes to the adulterer and the adulteress in public.
Contrary to Ortlieb, Mills described her stepmother not as a hardy pioneer woman but as a greedy, home-wrecking adulteress and manipulative hypochondriac.
Just as it is proverbially impossible for a woman to be a little bit pregnant, so it is impossible for her to be a little bit of an adulteress--a moderate adulteress, we might say.
There are a lot of people who don't want an adulterer or adulteress on the throne of Britain.
In particular, I want to examine the link between the figure of the adulteress and the status of the actress Sarah Siddons, the consummate interpreter of the female outcast as tragic heroine in the Romantic period.
Robinson's Disgrace, she extracts what fragments of Isabella Robinson's diary survive in court records and newspaper reports to bring us the unmediated voice of a genteel adulteress--if indeed she was an adulteress.
The regime thus considers every dissident an agent of America and Israel if the dissident is a man and an adulteress if it is a woman.
She can't watch any longer as her husband grieves his adulteress, so steps into Annie's shoes for another life.
And then, to be rejected by some Christians because of my remarriage, to be called an adulteress, to be called an unrepentant sinner - was another arrow shot at my already broken heart.
For a start, she was an alleged adulteress who was named as the person who broke up the seemingly fairy-tale marriage of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.
After talking over the situation with Zainab, Carol decides to confront Bianca, but is calling her an adulteress in the middle of the Square really the best way to do it?
After talking it over with Zainab, Carol decides to confront Bianca, but is calling her an adulteress in the middle of the Square the best way to do it?