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Synonyms for adulterer

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A total of 17,736 adulterers reside in Coventry, which is 1.45 per cent of its adult population.
Leicester is 33rd out of a possible 52 cities, home to just under 17,000 adulterers or 3.83 per cent of its adult population.
Home to 653 adulterers, 1.27% of its adult population are looking to cheat, making it the 39th most adulterous town in the country.
The most faithful town in Merseyside isBirkenhead, which is 126th overall with just 624 adulterers (0.44% of its adult population).
More than 43 percent of adulterers said that they sometimes cheated as an act of pure rage.
Fill a young man's head with the ridiculous belief that the universe was created by an invisible sky God, and then teach him that this creator of the universe has authored a book in which the supernatural author hates gays, heretics, in'dels, and adulterers - and decapitating the body of God's enemy is scarcely more than a matter of being asked to do it.
"Lovers can now exchange risque photos of themselves and we have seen adulterers using the service to maintain three or four relationships - it's like dynamite," Gian Ettore, president of the association, told the Times.
I disagree with this, I don't think for instance that the majority of the population are adulterers, dress as Nazis and drink and smoke heavily I would have used the word 'some' rather than 'majority'.
Dominic West and Ruth Wilson are the adulterers. Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson are the non-adulterers.
Summary: Tehran: Iran has amended its internationally condemned law on stoning convicted adulterers to death to ...
MANILA -- "Majority" in the Senate are alleged "adulterers," Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said on Friday.
The study also found that nearly half of Indonesian Muslims approved of corporal punishments--known as hudud --such as stoning for adulterers (48 per cent) and amputation for thieves (45 per cent).
THOUGH THE LITANY OF HIGH-PROFILE ADULTERERS SEEMS longer than a presidential campaign season, a few of these scandalous bad boys have managed to rise above (more like below) the larger pack of sinners, offering particularly striking examples of stupid behavior.
The Bible might not condone gays, but it does condone selling your daughter into sexual slavery and stoning female adulterers.
"If we contemplated the Bible, we would find that the only verse that speaks of adultery, if literally interpreted, would make us all adulterers," Assad told Gulf News.