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Synonyms for adulterer

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More than 43 percent of adulterers said that they sometimes cheated as an act of pure rage.
Tehran: Iran has amended its internationally condemned law on stoning convicted adulterers to death to allow judges to impose a different form of execution, according to the revision seen by AFP on Thursday.
There are a lot of adulterers in the Senate and we're not angry with them.
Nowhere does the Quran ordains the barbaric punishment of stoning to death of adulterers.
They are serial political adulterers, faithless to their manifesto and values and showing nothing but contempt for their voters to whom they promised no VAT rise and then implemented the opposite" - Denis MacShane, Labour MP and former Europe minister, on Nick Clegg and other senior Liberal Democrats.
THOUGH THE LITANY OF HIGH-PROFILE ADULTERERS SEEMS longer than a presidential campaign season, a few of these scandalous bad boys have managed to rise above (more like below) the larger pack of sinners, offering particularly striking examples of stupid behavior.
Leviticus, read literally, justifies the use of slavery and the killing of adulterers.
It prescribes 7-15 years in prison for both adulterers and rapists, depending on their marital status, age and other circumstances.
The Bible might not condone gays, but it does condone selling your daughter into sexual slavery and stoning female adulterers.
If we contemplated the Bible, we would find that the only verse that speaks of adultery, if literally interpreted, would make us all adulterers," Assad told Gulf News.
While they no doubt know there is a commandment against killing, it is unlikely they are aware that the Bible declares the following shall be killed: he that curses his father and mother, witches, those who lie with beasts, worshipers of other gods, people who work on the Sabbath, adulterers, homosexuals, wizards, whores, blasphemers, stubborn and rebellious sons, and thieves.
Betraying one's ideals has a lot more meat than the brooding theatrics of poetry-quoting adulterers, even if the lovers are as fetching as Franco and Myles.
P rimarily aimed at conscientious adulterers, fakealibi.
SO the Church of England has put the sanctity of marriage to one side to take the side of the two most notorious adulterers in the country.