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Synonyms for adulterer



Synonyms for adulterer

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"There are a lot of adulterers in the Senate and we're not angry with them.
THIS ENDLESS MARATHON OF SEX SCANDALS IS distasteful and disheartening, which makes me wonder why this parade of high-profile adulterers is so rarely blamed for undermining the sanctity or stability of marriage.
"If we contemplated the Bible, we would find that the only verse that speaks of adultery, if literally interpreted, would make us all adulterers," Assad told Gulf News.
I do not wish the hand of an adulterer touching any toilets or painting any pristine walls in my pricey new apartments.
A man who "seduced a wife against her will," carried her off and committed adultery with her was sentenced "because these excesses set a bad example."(98) Another male adulterer was sentenced "lest such a great crime remain unpunished."(99) Why was the crime so great, the excesses of seduction and adultery such a bad example?
(Shall we try you out, you lover of servant girls, you adulterer, or your pen, feared only by maidservants?
Singer calls this sin: the imagination as adulterer to its spouse reality.
A great scandal that rocked the community was the Tilton divorce suit that involved Henry Ward Beecher as an alleged adulterer. Kenneth R.
Mr Gingrich, the former speaker of the House of Representatives and a serial adulterer, has faced allegations by his ex-wife that he demanded an open marriage.
And as they see it, that makes Ford an adulterer who "loved to sit with tawdry reporters and blather about sex."
"It's just a serial adulterer knocking a ball around a field and trying to put it into a little hole."
Charles is a scheming adulterer and she is a scheming mistress.
HAVING an affair leaves the adulterer single and skint, a survey revealed yesterday.
Tommy Sheridan is a swinger and a serial adulterer who has attempted to destroy the reputations of 18 witnesses in a bid to win his pounds 200,000 defamation action against the News of the World, a jury heard yesterday.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on NBC's portrayal: "The father dabbles in drugs, the wife is a boozer, the daughter is a dope dealer, one son is a homosexual, the other son is a womanizer, the sister-in-law is a bisexual, the brother-in-law is a thief, and the father's father is an adulterer. Just your ordinary Christian family--in the eyes of Hollywood, that is."