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Synonyms for adulterer

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THIS ENDLESS MARATHON OF SEX SCANDALS IS distasteful and disheartening, which makes me wonder why this parade of high-profile adulterers is so rarely blamed for undermining the sanctity or stability of marriage.
Usually the male adulterer was accused, usually charged with seducing or abducting women.
The team threw the adulterated unhygienic milk in to waste and fined the adulterer milk-men on the spot.
WITH the exception of Bill Clinton, Prince Charles could probably lay claim to the inauspicious title of the world's most famous adulterer.
The villain, drugs baron Anthony Bonar, is an evil thug and serial adulterer who embarks on a mission that will result in murder and mayhem.
Charles is a scheming adulterer and she is a scheming mistress.
HAVING an affair leaves the adulterer single and skint, a survey revealed yesterday.
Tommy Sheridan is a swinger and a serial adulterer who has attempted to destroy the reputations of 18 witnesses in a bid to win his pounds 200,000 defamation action against the News of the World, a jury heard yesterday.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on NBC's portrayal: "The father dabbles in drugs, the wife is a boozer, the daughter is a dope dealer, one son is a homosexual, the other son is a womanizer, the sister-in-law is a bisexual, the brother-in-law is a thief, and the father's father is an adulterer.
It all rings as true as Den's voyage from small-fry adulterer to loadsamoney villain/ blackmailing perv.
In 2002 his estranged wife Marguerite wrote in her devastating account of their marriage breakdown that he had been "a serial adulterer, a compulsive gambler and an alcoholic".
Being a gay adulterer has got to be much worse than those things, doesn't it?
In this way they are not unlike Jesus, whose compassion for the freakish cripple, leper, adulterer, tax collector, or foreign widow always overrode his loyalty to the religious norms and purity codes of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Levites.
Her husband - a highly-publicised adulterer - was jailed for perjury over newspaper claims he paid prostitute Monica Coughlan for sex, though he has never admitted paying for sex.
Dickens was an adulterer, but he was also a social reformer, attacking scandals in schools and factories and law courts.