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Synonyms for adulterating

making impure or corrupt by adding extraneous materials



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The vegetables are being injected with chemicals, so we are protesting today that people involved in adulterating vegetables should be punished," said Vijay, a protestor.
Schwarzhoff and Cody studied the effect of 16 different adulterating agents: ammonia-based cleaner, L-ascorbic acid, Visine eye drops, Drano, golden-seal root, lemon juice, lime solvent, Clorox, liquid hand soap, methanol, sodium chloride, tribasic potassium phosphate, toilet-bowl cleaner (Vanish, Drackett Products), white vinegar, ionic detergent (Multi-Terge), and whole-blood anticoagulated with EDTA on the FPIA (flourescence polarization immunoassay) for testing abused drugs in urine.
Prison director Mike Conway said: 'Whenever we have prisoners operating in kitchens and there is a risk of adulterating food, we carry out a risk assessment.
The task force will assemble a variety of food chain stakeholders with expertise in agriculture to assess the protective systems designed to prevent pharmacrops from contaminating and adulterating the food supply, Cady said.
We had received information in the month of January that some people here are producing fake saffron by dying corn fibre and drying marigold flowers and adulterating it into original saffron," said Kamal Saini, Deputy Inspector General of Police (South Kashmir Range).