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Synonyms for adulterating

making impure or corrupt by adding extraneous materials



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They said that anyone caught adulterating milk should be arrested along with the area's food inspector.
The suspects, who appeared before Chief Magistrate Josephat Kalo, faced two counts of selling petroleum fuel without licenses from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) as well as adulterating it.
Kenya regions are the most notorious areas in adulterating petroleum products.
PESHAWAR:Peshawar district administration in collaboration with the Livestock Department conducted raids in different parts of Peshawar on Tuesday and arrested 12 milk sellers for adulterating milk.On the directives of Peshawar Deputy Commissioner (DC), Islamzeb, the Additional Assistant Commissioner (ACC), Salahuddin and officers of Livestock Department along with the mobile milk testing laboratory checked sellers in Tehkal, Jehangirabad and University Road.
"The vegetables are being injected with chemicals, so we are protesting today that people involved in adulterating vegetables should be punished," said Vijay, a protestor.