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Bioanalytical methods for quantitation of levamisole, a widespread cocaine adulterant.
Quick test for some Adulterants in food, FSSAI, FDA Bhavan, Kotla Road, New Delhi.
Those laws define an adulterant as an added substance that is "deleterious" and may render food injurious to health.
Table-1: Abilities of calibration and prediction model for PROO adulterant in EVOO by ATR-FTIR.
The consequence is that these products are widely used as adulterants.
15]N), this approach offers a rapid and reliable technique for detection of potential adulterants in organic fertilizers (Peterson and Fry 1987).
Once OSCS was identified as an adulterant, it was quickly detected in heparin lots produced in China by SPL-CZ and also in crude heparin extracts provided to SPL-CZ by several of its consolidators (14).
coli O157:H7 is currently considered a food adulterant by the USDA, these six shiga toxin-producing E.
Methamphetamine use was increasing in 1967 and 1968, sometimes orally as an adulterant of psychedelic drugs or as a primary drug of abuse, but it was increasingly being abused in an intravenous, high-dose binge pattern that proved pernicious, not only to the users, but to the hippies and other members of the Haight-Ashbury community.
In other parts of the world it has been used as an adulterant of drugs like heroin and ecstasy, but no such substances were identified in Mr Kelly's system.
Despite this, Non-O157:H7 STEC is not considered an adulterant under current law in the United States.
As soon as the labs are able to detect an adulterant, the people who make it come up with a new formula.
Provided the adulterant GAO used would be able to mask drug use as advertised, a drug user would likely be able to use the substances GAO tested to obtain a passing result on his or her test.
In the case of USDA, this would mean that the agency would be in a position to enforce its existing performance standards, including the salmonella standards, even though salmonella is arguably not always an adulterant when present in raw meat intended for cooking; it is at times only a marker that tends to suggest a product has been exposed to unsanitary conditions at some point in its history.
The revision of its adulterant policy called into question whether the agency would be expanding its testing program to other types of beef products.