adult-onset diabetes

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Insulin resistance is a set of metabolic dysfunctions linked with or contributing to a range of serious health conditions that include type 2 diabetes (formerly called adult-onset diabetes), metabolic syndrome, obesity, among others.
The findings of previous studies, showing that bariatric surgery can have a prolonged, positive effect on blood sugar beyond that attainable with medication, have led to speculation about whether surgery might be considered earlier in the course of disease in patients with adult-onset diabetes. However, it remains impractical and unjustified to contemplate the performance of bariatric surgery in the millions of eligible obese adults.
Some studies in humans have found correlations between early puberty and the risk of reproductive cancers, adult-onset diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.
Sleep apnea is associated with type 2 diabetes adult-onset diabetes.
The data do not distinguish between types of diabetes, but nationally more than 90 percent of diabetes cases are type 2, or adult-onset diabetes.
Some of us will remember when it was known as "adult-onset diabetes." The name was changed when what was once regarded as a disease of grown-ups began frequently showing up in children.
Type 2 diabetes is referred to as adult-onset diabetes, as it tends to affect people in middle age.
"And yes, I know that's a sweeping statement and some folk aren't to blame, but the fact remains that the vastmajority of cases of adult-onset diabetes are caused by diet.
Though this type is called adult-onset diabetes, it has become a risk to young, obese, inactive children as well.
An alarming 27 per cent of Bahrainis have developed type 2 or adult-onset diabetes, mainly caused by poor diet and overeating, according to a health ministry official.
Rapid social and economic change are transforming China, where more than one-fifth of the adult population is overweight and the country is seeing large increases in such weight-related problems as hypertension, stroke and adult-onset diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes, formerly called adult-onset diabetes, is now occurring in adolescents.
"Type 2 diabetes, which was always called adult-onset diabetes because it normally affected middle-aged men, is now being diagnosed in children aged just five and six.
Women with PCOS who are insulin resistant are seven times more likely to develop adult-onset diabetes than the rest of the population.
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