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any of the 32 teeth that replace the deciduous teeth of early childhood and (with luck) can last until old age

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Also, not many dentists offer temporary solutions for replacing missing children's teeth - usually it's just a question of waiting for the adult tooth to come through.
Ask them what is different between the baby tooth and adult tooth pictured.
Firstcover benefits include pounds 100 for a broken bone, pounds 500 for the loss of an adult tooth, pounds 60 a day for a stay in hospital and up to pounds 500 to pay for home education if a child is off school due to an accident.
Besides the one adult tooth collected by Parmley, reported in this paper, a private collector retrieved a second adult tooth from this site.
Adult tooth loss brings with it many problems, the least of which is lack of under-the-pillow cash flow.
Colgate was soon in the fray with its version, exhibiting a bit more throw weight than Check Up (it stands taller) but without the latter's saucy label, "Adult Tooth Gel." Lever Brothers has its Aim rival; Crest is testing one, in cooperation with Procter & Gamble.
Periodontal disease affects almost 75 percent of Americans and is a major cause of adult tooth loss.
"I examined it later and it was an adult tooth, a molar with roots, it was absolutely disgusting.
If a child has knocked out an adult tooth, then stick it straight back into the socket or place it in milk and take it - and the child!
Ask them what is different about the baby and adult tooth. (The adult tooth has long roots that help hold it in our gums.
Most adult tooth decay is caused by eating too much fruit.
Trying to put it back may interfere with the adult tooth under the gum.
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