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Humphrey said the two victims, who were not identified, were burned beyond recognition, but that rescue workers believed they were two adult males.
Instead of immediately firing the adult male counselor, the YMCA of Greater Houston continued to employ him.
Ikabod and Attikus, both adult male gerbils, were also left in the same property.
This study investigated the signal content and function of adult male long calls in wild orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus).
to increase personal responsibility by developing relationships with adult male role models; and
And while Ghanaians are almost unfailingly friendly, in a society where an average adult male stands about 5 feet 8 inches, it is not a place where a 6-foot-4-inch foreign journalist can expect to work without drawing stares.
The Calabasas Animal Clinic has been home to the adult male black cat since he was plucked from a storm drain near Pepperdine University during last month's 13,010-acre wildfire.
1986) (attempted sexual misconduct, adult male touched the genitals of undercover police officer (fully clothed) on a street-corner at 10:30 a.
Ong to the effect that, across cultures, the adult male "counters his tendency to violent domination by placing any violence in him" primarily in the service of biological relations.
A typical adult male will weigh 110 to 180 pounds and the female 80 to 130 pounds.
More than half of adult male IM users (51 percent) send instant messages to people they've never met in person, compared with 35 percent of females.
Altcourse prison is where most adult male offenders from North Wales go, but it can't accommodate women and young offenders.
Each group consisted of two to six members--usually an adult pair, its offspring, and occasionally another adult male.
They are very concerned that this facility could be opened up to adult male prisoners, which could cause a very serious public safety risk,'' she said.
Beginning at 10:08 UTC+3 on 15 August 2004, IJL, DRR, and WNW observed an adult male (by plumage) Klaas's Cuckoo in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya (00[degrees] 22' S, 36[degrees] 03' E).
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