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Last year, under the name Retain the Game, the scheme helped to support the retention of 2,336 adult male teams across the country, supporting an estimated 55,000 community footballers.
We started off our first weekend carving at The Bronx Zoo with an adult male Bornean...
These grants will support clubs' adult male teams in three age categories: Under-17 to Under-21, Open Age and Veterans.
An adult male orca, 36, and his 46-year-old mother swam up to a 28-year-old female orca, who was carrying her infant male calf and two daughters off the coast of the Vancouver Island, and the former then attacked the child, ( National Geographic reported.
Shah Taj Masood manager regional blood Centre Peshawar, said, adult male has 70ml/kg where as a normal female has 67 ml/kg blood.
Shah Taj Masood manager regional blood Centre Peshawar, said at one time an adult can donate up to 13 per cent of his total body blood, and an adult male can donate after every three months 4 times in a year while adult and healthy females can donate three times blood after every four months interval.
Police believe the person buried is an adult male from the Wrexham area whose first name is Nathan or Michael.
The entire adult male population of a village in the southeast has been executed for drug smuggling, Vice President Shahindokht Molaverdi announced last week.
| Food artist Jacqui Kelly created sculptures by the Houses of Parliament, London, of a young girl, a teenage boy and an adult male, entirely carved from sugar to coincide with National Sugar Awareness Week, alongside SodaStream, to represent the total amount of sugar from fizzy drinks consumed per minute in the UK by each group.
On May 31, at approximately 12:02 a.m., an adult male was located unresponsive in the cell area, transported to La Ronge hospital and then to hospital in Saskatoon.
The testing for each hypothesis was noteworthy to inform health care providers about the knowledge of prostate cancer screening among adult males. The strengths of this study included a sufficient number of adult male respondents and different variables used to conduct this scientific survey.
Despite our predictions, neither adult male or female density had any effects on juvenile microhabitat choice (i.e., perch height, width, or substrate).
Methods: The prospective case-control study was conducted in two villages of Matiari district in rural Sindh Pakistan from July to December 2013 and comprised healthy adult male smokers and an equal number of matching non-smokers as controls.
Given half a chance, adult male tigers will kill any cubs that aren't their own: the message that their entire species is under threat of extinction still hasn't reached them, I guess.
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