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Adult female meadowlarks in the MRPHA were in the field where they nested almost half of the time regardless of nest fate; most birds that moved from the nest field moved to grassy habitats.
The facilities, the Scott Grimes Correctional Facility for young adult males and the Ronald McPherson Correctional Facility for adult females, were named after Arkansas correctional officers who had been killed in the line of duty.
Desperate measures: Clare Mohan had a double mastectomy after every adult female in her family got breast cancer.
The young northern bottle-nosed adult female was watched by millions on TV around the world as she struggled to survive in the shallow waters of the river.
For the cycling studies, daily vaginal smears were collected from eight adult female rats housed under standard conditions and given tap water containing 2% Tween 80 vehicle as a drinking solution for 30 days to establish baseline controls and confirm that the animals were cycling in a normal fashion.
His equipment was seized and it was discovered he had also that day covertly filmed a woman with her two children in the changing rooms and on another occasion an adult female alone.
Males were, again, significantly more likely to be found in association with adult females, rather than with penultimate-instar females, although we were unable to determine if this pattern was due to differential arrival or to differential retention of males at adult female web sites.
It was about four houses down from where I live,'' said Steve Meyer, who learned the adult female bear was on his block from some dinner guests who had just arrived.
Inspector George Dawson, Merseyside police incident manager, said: ``We can confirm we received a complaint regarding some sort of sexual assault from an adult female.
As McCoy, who is 37 and 215 pounds, tugged on the bloodied house cat, the lion--an adult female weighing perhaps 100 pounds--struggled out of his headlock.
The tick was removed and subsequently identified as an adult female D.
The six-ton adult female was washed ashore off Scarf-skerry in Caithness at the weekend and is thought to have drowned after being entangled in a creel line.
The survey suggested that the kitchen is still largely the domain of the adult female in the household.
The healthcare industry cannot come close to accommodating the entire adult female population with expensive screening modalities.
Contract awarded for to increase the safety of adult female victims of intimate partner violence who are facing danger risk and uncertainty.
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