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Of the 840 adult body lice, 174 (21%) collected from 42 (53%) of 80 of the mono-infested persons contained B.
In 1996 a sheep named Doily became the first of many mammals to be cloned from an adult body cell.
The team used data for each country from available information on body mass index and height distribution to estimate average adult body mass.
I forged countless notes from my mum excusing me from the ignominious trials of exposing my sprouting adult body to my mates.
Associations of severe abuse were stronger for stroke than for heart factors such as adult body mass index, smoking, alcohol use, and diabetes accounted for 41 percent of the association physical abuse and 37 percent of the association of forced sex disease events.
The two new diets join the existing Small Breed Adult Health Recipe, which provides optimal caloric intake for healthy adult body weight and four quality animal protein sources for lean, strong muscles.
Reckitt Benckiser is hoping to grow the 'mature' adult body moisturiser market with an E45 brand extension.
Even after accounting for adult body mass index, there remained a 10%-30% increased risk of diabetes among women who had experienced moderate physical abuse or the most severe forms of physical or sexual abuse (Am.
Potent stem cells derived from reprogramming skin or other adult body tissues may have limits on their usefulness as an alternative to cells from human embryos, researchers said.
They are about the same size as the first Flores specimen, with adult body weight estimated as low as 28 kilograms, and they exhibit the same traits often interpreted as primitive.
An average adult body is 20 times bigger than it was at birth but the eye is normally only three times as big.
There's a whole industry out there that produces things for girls that are modelled on adult body forms and make-up and fashion.
Mamta was inspired by the 1988 movie Big, in which Tom Hanks's boy character is transported in to an adult body.
In fact, many adults cannot tolerate milk because their bodies no longer make the lactase that they did in childhood, which nicely folds in an important point: The adult body is not the same as a child's body.
They are found in human embryos, umbilical cord blood and in some areas of the adult body.
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