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* George Shultz received adulatory reviews for his performance at the Iran/contra hearings.
My summer visits to gran did continue but on the strict understanding that I was to offer nothing but adulatory comments about her cooking.
He attributes his success in giving the speeches to tempering his adulatory prose with gentle mockery.
The spectacle of the jockey as the lean and feted guest amid an adulatory and heavyweight audience has been an iconic one down the ages.
The actors laid-back and often adulatory chats with the talent punctuate uncut numbers performed in front of 50 or so racially diverse patrons on a stage brightly lit to emphasize the graffiti and gig posters on the walls.
Bob Woodwood in his adulatory biography dubbed him 'the Maestro', and Time Magazine nominated him to the Committee to Save the World for his deft handling of the Asian debt crisis.
Given the adulatory tone, it is perhaps ironic that the ex-defender will be jumping around the home dugout, not the visitors', this afternoon.
BE Gerry Adams - and turn to democracy around 1997 - and bingo, an invitation to Labour Conference, adulatory speech from our Tone and what pretty much amounts to endorsement.
In relating some phases of A.R.E.'s career (as for example his self-appointed role as military critic [see above]) Aksan's narrative tends to take on an excessively adulatory tone; perhaps this is intrinsic to the genre of biography itself.
As Anne-Marie Lecoq has shown in her incisive analyses of many laudatory illuminated treatises and poems and extravagant royal entries with theatrical enactments, the king was glorified by an allegorical symbolism often intricately interwoven with Christian typology as deemed appropriate, indeed necessary, for "un roi tres chretien" who was the brave, virtuous, pious elect of God.(2) Such adulatory offerings evolved with ever-increasing complexity from the heritage of traditional accolades proffered previous kings and queens of France.(3) Not only was Francois's persona magnified both verbally and visually, so, too, was that of his mother Louise de Savoie, who played an essential role as mentor, companion, advisor, and confidant to her son.(4)
Out of her long tenure in China she published Battle Hymn of China, about her experiences in that country during the late 1930s and early 1940s, and The Great Road: The Life and Times of Zhu De, an adulatory biography of the Red Army General written with empathy and a novelist's eye for detail.
Beyond the Irish Leger, longterm aims were a bit blurred, so I decided to cut through all the adulatory waffle and ask O'Brien the most obvious question of all: "Why don't you cut him and go for the Champion Hurdle?" This entirely serious inquiry was met with a degree of levity, and you get the feeling that Yeats is going to be brought back for another Cup campaign next year, which can only be excellent news.
There has been much adulatory comment in recent weeks about the delights of Clark's pies.