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So it's good, even if you don't believe it yourself, to be able to send a message to them - rather than speaking to your fans on Twitter and at adulatory rallies.
As he strode confidently to the lectern and delivered a speech in both French and English, the adulatory reception greeting Akinwumi Adesina's crowning as president of the African Development Bank (AfDB) made his comprehensive final round victory over Cabo Verde's Cristina Duarte and Chad's Kordje Bedoumra look like a foregone conclusion.
The adulatory account of the Putin era was shown while the president enjoys some of the highest approval ratings of his career after annexing Crimea from Ukraine in March last year.
But on this day even McCoy, a living monument to rigid self-discipline and iron control, could not hold back his feelings as he said goodbye to the only life he has ever known amid an astounding outpouring of adulatory affection from a public determined to make every last second of McCoy's career resonate to cheers, roars and thanks.
He frequently stretched the truth or outright lied about the status of battles (characterizing hard fought battles as "mopping-up operations") to vindicate his command decisions and receive adulatory media coverage.
Walters writes about one of them, the Charles Center development: "Upon its completion in the early 1960s, press coverage was adulatory and opinion leaders praised those behind the thirty-three-acre project for their good intentions, brilliant vision, bold artistic sense, and deft political touch.
With minor medical concerns, a jealous ex-husband, an adulatory daughter-in-law, and a clever teenage granddaughter, all of a sudden Florence has enough drama to occupy each day and no time to write the autobiography she intended to undertake years ago.
In outlining his contention, the author wastes no time in separating his own voice from those of hagiographic interpretations of Ned Kelly, which rely less on fact than on adulatory invention, and which idealise rather than interpret their subject.
This would benefit society, Congress--which would actually be doing something useful--and Issa himself, who'd finally get the massive, adulatory attention he craves.
Earlier this month, Tharoor was removed as an official spokesperson by AICC based on the complaint from the KPCC against his repeated adulatory remarks about Modi.
A stinging editorial in the Congress daily Veekshnam, without naming the target, said loyalty of those who pen "love letters" to Modi through social media and writes adulatory articles in edit pages will be suspected.
But the interviews tend to be adulatory and vague, short on fact and long on superlatives, and the whole feels more like hagiography than the evaluation of an unusual and sometimes controversial figure.
Addressing an adulatory Parliament and scores of loyalists on Wednesday, Assad thought he was a strong leader who spoke from a position of strength.
Almost every media platform in the country bestows near adulatory coverage of his death.
For the first thing, whether for fear or hero worship, the media networks and celebrities give prominent high-key coverage to the terrorist dons and their henchmen in a positive adulatory tones.