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Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

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Words related to adulate

flatter in an obsequious manner

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The truth is, the invasion scare is a cloud behind which an ascendant aristocracy and their adulators desire to raise an army large enough to overawe all strikers and Socialists.' (39) Similarly, Campbell's illustrations reflect the notion that Britain's own government--not Germany--presented the greatest threat toward the politics and values The New Age held dear.
Further, because every colossus demands its adulators and its worshipers, and because an increasingly secularized America recognized the need for a new sentimental state religion, the political, business, and booster classes chose "Freedom" as the national ideology, symbolized by the national bird clutching fasces of arrows in its claws.
Adulteration in the fertilizers and pesticides were another cause which was harming the growers by reducing the per acre output adding that federal government has also directed the provinces to keep proper cheek and deal with iron hands with adulators.
destruction of the countryside and urban environment, responsibility for the anthropological degradation of Italians"--meaning the ruin of their culture--and "the corrupt distribution of civic positions to adulators." If all that sounds familiar, it's not surprising.
Because of these adulators, the merits of the others as the giants they may be are taken as pygmies.
The religious "adulators" and the "adulated" thus achieved a symbiotic balance that addressed the practical concerns of both priests and rulers amid the turbulence of the early Five Dynasties period.
I am sure he is a much better and a much bigger man than some of his adulators contemplate." (10) Outlining the points of the discussion he had with Gandhi, Bell translated Gandhi's mind and thoughts to Schuster with a great feeling of sympathy and a heavy heart.
So if some of the illusions of the black wunderkind's adulators have been shattered and everybody has been returned to the real world - they had better make their decision at the ballot box in a realistic way.