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Synonyms for adulator

one who flatters another excessively

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Synonyms for adulator

a person who uses flattery

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Burke insisted that society must have hierarchy but he was no uncritical adulator of aristocracy:
His portrayal of Cleone is more consistent with the historical sources (Cleone is simply adulator, whereas in Mauro's libretto Cleone's sycophancy is motivated by his love of Rossane); and with his addition of the scene in which Alessandro frees Rossane, Rolli evokes one of the most typical and significant Alexander themes.
613-14); il Sacerdote s'indigna: "Adulator non son falso o bugiardo, / ch'a te voglia narrar fole o menzogne, / ma voglio dirti il ver senza rispetto, / benche sappia da lui che l'odio nasce.
Instead of Spenser the Vergilian courtier-poet and adulator of Elizabeth I, Hadield's Spenser is a lower-middle-class man on the make, at home with men of his own kind, keen to acquire property, rise in the world, put on social airs, and establish a family, even if this means living in Ireland.
"I've noticed you are quite a flatterer!" Deneuve laughs, with Gallic understatement: Not since Uriah Heep has so undulatory an adulator been imagined.
How is it it betrays not the least embarrassment at the collision (as it seems) in himself between the advocate of French revolutions, and the adulator of their great enemy, between the passionate lover of the anti-levelling poetry of Shakespeare and all the mighty poets of the past, and the passionate democrat who despised kings and courts and the oppressions of legitimacy?
It seems to Charlotte Lennox that Shakespeare (like his modern adulators) is guilty of the same fault as the male characters in The Female Quixote--he reads romances and stories wrongly, inefficiently, without full comprehension.
Three times over the course of an hour-long conversation at an espresso bar just off the Pacific Coast Highway, beard adulators stop dead in their tracks and stare, speechless, lost in the harmonious interplay of form and formlessness that cascades down from the lower part of Rick's facethe upper part being dominated by his piercing blue-green eyesto the midway-point of the music producer's chest.
Last week, with most adulators going gaga over Pia Wurtzbach's controversy-tainted Miss Universe win, Annabelle was still able to grab enough attention and TV exposure to effectively plug her new book, 'Day, Hard.
Somehow his present adulators cannot understand that it was themselves, or people very like them, who created the social conditions which kept him down in the first place.
The numerous PR exercises suggests Beckham has always been a sportsman for the people, and the manner in which his career has transpired satisfies his detractors, critics, admirers and adulators. He gave fairweather football fans a reason, but the game' traditonalists fear and loathing.
The truth is, the invasion scare is a cloud behind which an ascendant aristocracy and their adulators desire to raise an army large enough to overawe all strikers and Socialists.' (39) Similarly, Campbell's illustrations reflect the notion that Britain's own government--not Germany--presented the greatest threat toward the politics and values The New Age held dear.
Further, because every colossus demands its adulators and its worshipers, and because an increasingly secularized America recognized the need for a new sentimental state religion, the political, business, and booster classes chose "Freedom" as the national ideology, symbolized by the national bird clutching fasces of arrows in its claws.
Adulteration in the fertilizers and pesticides were another cause which was harming the growers by reducing the per acre output adding that federal government has also directed the provinces to keep proper cheek and deal with iron hands with adulators.
destruction of the countryside and urban environment, responsibility for the anthropological degradation of Italians"--meaning the ruin of their culture--and "the corrupt distribution of civic positions to adulators." If all that sounds familiar, it's not surprising.