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Synonyms for adulation

Synonyms for adulation

excessive, ingratiating praise

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servile flattery

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I have been offered mock adulation, treated with mock reserve or with mock devotion, I have been fawned upon with an appalling earnestness of purpose, I can tell you; but these later honours, my dear, came to me in the shape of a very loyal and very scrupulous gentleman.
The two gentlemen having, by the greediness with which this little bait was swallowed, tested the extent of Mrs Wititterly's appetite for adulation, proceeded to administer that commodity in very large doses, thus affording to Sir Mulberry Hawk an opportunity of pestering Miss Nickleby with questions and remarks, to which she was absolutely obliged to make some reply.
He who is the real tyrant, whatever men may think, is the real slave, and is obliged to practise the greatest adulation and servility, and to be the flatterer of the vilest of mankind.
His bodily vigour, his cool inflexible manner, his courage and his fairness, had secured for him much respect and some adulation in the sphere of his early successes.
A few days before, the adulations and applauses of a nation were sounding in her ears, and now she was come to this!
AT the risk of being lynched, can I question the current adulation of Princess Diana?
Joe Jonas may have enjoyed the adulation of tweeners and teens in the heyday of the Jonas Brothers.
Salma says that she receives a lot of love and adulation from India.
The conditions were tough but it was a pleasure to play with Colin and watch him get the crowd's adulation.
Of course, there are women, and men, who enjoy public adulation of their figures.
CLASSIC-WINNING trainer William Haggas breaks new ground when Adulation lines up in the Listed Prix des Reves d'Or-Jacques Bouchara at Vichy, writes Chris Humpleby.
ADULATION (Willie Haggas) ADULATION made a pleasing debut when third in what should turn out to be a strong two-year-old maiden at Ripon.
JOE SCHMIDT hailed Brian O'Driscoll's Dublin departure, admitting the centre stalwart warranted shred of adulation.
IN THESE parts all who wear the famed No 9 on the back of their shirts know the adulation that can roll down the terraces and engulf them.
The 1D film's called This Is Us, and though it might be them now, I reckon if all this madness and adulation carries on it won't be them in 10 years' time.