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  • verb

Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

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flatter in an obsequious manner

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The usual weak arguments from adulating monarchists from their position of on their knees with eyes to the floor, is, she has to be impartial.
While adulating adultery, the Provencal poets took a revolutionary and antichristian stand on the ground that marriage presupposes carnal possession which is detrimental to the spiritual growth and elevation of the lover-initiate.
Behind them were adulating publics, who had made Patton and Montgomery into symbols of their respective nation's military prowess.
Far from being sniffy, it transpired that Wagner was actually adulating the rags to riches success of Ms Cole.
An encore of undoubtedly the best song of the night, Fascination, included an extended intro which saw a frenzied Anders perched on top of speakers bellowing to the adulating audience.
Unlike Ben Jonson, for whom Symonds has nothing but adulating praise, Brome is 'almost always dull', his comedies 'tedious to read from their lack of poetry and life', and his 'tedious, laboured, and oftentimes offensive scenes' of interest only insofar as they 'contain much information about the vulgar amusements of old London which we should otherwise have lacked'.
Moreover, by adulating the relationship of the protagonist to nature as an often implicit rejection of cities such as Rome, Sparta, Troy or Babylon, and by focusing the narrative on the pains and stoic endurance of their heroes, these films rely on their body's death to construct a discourse which is apologetic of a transcendental and permanent masculinity.
In his mock dedication Fielding inveighs against the practice of authors' adulating to their respective patrons, thus referring to their diminishing numbers in the general shift to the free market system and exposing the consecutive pathetic need to cling to the few remaining ones.
Even while adulating teenage golfers, divas, and gymnasts, we marvel at the longevity of Michelangelo, who was still designing St.
In disparaging terms, Jill Carrick described the impetus for this nostalgia, The Dinner Party, as "a living relic of 1970s feminist culture, exhumed and placed on show before the gaze of adulating crowds" (Carrick 1988: 88).
Frank was the only academic at a public Lenin seminar to take on colleagues such as Lloyd Churchward who were adulating Stalin's totalitarian predecessor.
While he was never the adulating admirer of John Muir that many of his fellow members were, as an active member Adams could not have escaped exposure to the principles of preservation expounded by that great prophet of wilderness.
It makes sense, then, that Byron, adulating the people in one stanza, insists that he does not "adulate the people" a few stanzas later, explaining that he wishes "men to be free / As much from mobs and kings--from you as me.
Do we exclude isotonic drinks like Gatorade (now in India and adulating soccer legend Mia Hamm) and Powerade[R] and basketball teen pre-legend LeBron James' self-designed FLAVA23?
Comparing Beatrice to Don Quixote, he wrote that "she finished up enmeshed in her own self-deception, adulating a regime [the USSR] which bore as little relation to the Fabian Good Life as Dulcinea del Toboso to the Mistress of Don Quixote's dreams.