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  • verb

Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

Words related to adulate

flatter in an obsequious manner

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The problem with this typology, however, is that the man whom the narrator adulates is revealed to be a beguiling con-man thief named Brown who engaged in jewelry-store robberies and who first became acquainted with Jim's biological father after rescuing him from a teenaged mugger's knife attack in London's Underground (48-49, 136-37, 100).
As in much of Persona, in which Alma adulates Elisabet at first and seeks to resemble her, McCullers' concern is with the relationship between liking and becoming like, and its capacity to feed vampirism and the Bakhtininan double body of the grotesque (Gleeson-White 96-118).
fails to mention that the relentlessly obsolescent Apple products he so adulates are made in China--and soon by robots (human labor there considered too expensive by Apple's subcontractor).
One cannot overstate the importance of print publications in a society that adulates the written word; knowing its audience, USIA officials had to develop an excellent print product that appealed to the Soviet intellect while providing images of daily American life.
His conscious spirit follows his physical other and listens to how some writers criticize him, saying that he does not write well in Spanish and that he adulates the old academics (228).