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Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

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Words related to adulate

flatter in an obsequious manner

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Adulated by all, he marked by his verses, his powerful words, his activism and his charisma an entire generation that mourns his loss today.
Adulated as "the Father of the Nation" Stalin had the last word on all issues.
Muhammad Atif adulated FAST-NUCES for having won a prestigious specialty among the main varsities of Pakistan by providing quality higher education in the midst of several challenges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
As a young man, Mussolini adulated Machiavelli and Marx, and he parlayed his editorship of a four-page socialist weekly in a backwater town into a prominent career in Italian leftist journalism, only to leave utopian Marxism behind and transform a leading socialist paper into the voice of Fascism, the movement he claimed to have begotten and baptized.
His politically minded installations, symbolic photos and videos, and his architectural creations are accepted, adulated, coddled, and praised in galleries and museums worldwide.
In another case, a girl at the school was adulated in comments about her beauty after she posted her profile picture on Facebook.
The Chefs, who were adulated like Kings and famous composers, elicited such respect that the Queen conferred them the title of Monsieur among the Bourbons was an honorific title reserved traditionally to the King's brother.
Reporter Chris Moncrieff, who covered the robbery for the Press Association, looks back on the events THE Great Train Robbery was glamorised and its participants adulated as heroes who had carried out a Boy's Own Paper-style exploit of great derring-do.
Instead, Republicans have adulated such figures as Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, J.C.
Because of its consequences, very different according to the regions and periods, it is a season either detested or adulated (La Soudiere, 1987).
Though Clark and Michelson each came into their own artistically under very different circumstances Clark was London's adulated enfant terrible in the 1980s, whereas Michelson's dances emerged from New York's rich "downtown" scene in the early 2000s it bears noting that both choreographers were born in Britain in the early '60s, roughly the same time that the Breuer building was conceived and constructed.
On the one hand, there were people like Hammons who struggled with breaking into the mainstream, and on the other there were instances like Kara Walker where she's adulated as a very young artist.
So here is a family that both adulated and emulated Gandhiji, and did not exploit their unique heritage for commercial gain.