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Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

Words related to adulate

flatter in an obsequious manner

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Here we have a romantic expression of recent French patriotism, woven round the adulated figure of Napoleon.
The Legion of Christ and its supporters adulated Maciel as Nuestro Padre ("Our Father") and vilified the ex-Legionaries after they made public accusations of sexual assault by Maciel.
Since the rise of this intruder-state more than sixty years ago, the West has embraced and adulated Israel in order to make up for the atrocities of the World War Two against the Jews and to put an end to its feelings of guilt, as well as IsraelAAEs strategic role in the era of international axes as it was a AodisciplinaryAo tool for the Arabs leaning to Moscow.
One feeds the crowd "subversive" stories of a dead Jewish life that they yearn for; his work is adulated and translated into every language.
The ways in which the chaste body of Gerard Raymond was described and adulated by these Catholic adults, and the words and images that were used to enshrine it, speak far more significantly about their own notions of holiness or sanctity than they necessarily do about those of the young seminarian himself, though he had certainly internalized them.
Here the reader is forced to wonder what she gives up when a woman joins her fate to a man who is adulated for his beliefs.
Pope adulated Bolingbroke and Atterbury, but Gay was probably his closest friend.
First we have to stop feeding ourselves with junk, processed and adulated food and instead embrace in our diet whole grains, beans, greens and other natural food, certain nutritional supplements and powerful medicinal herbs.
Armed with a popular mandate to do whatever needed to be done to get Georgia back on track again, the National Movement protagonists wildly jumped from issue to burning issue in perpetual crisis mode with no regard to established structures or legal constraints, adulated by Georgians and cheered along by the West as they fired the entire traffic police overnight one day and took out bandits in Svaneti in a televised shootout the next.
Moreover, Moore's future imagines television in terms of the radio broadcast industry, as a global phenomenon: "other actresses had been lovely and adulated, but never before Deirdre had the entire world been able to take one woman so wholly to its heart" (200).
The French press adulated Baker's "primitive" beauty, obsessed about the darkness of her skin, and exclaimed about the grotesquery of her body and her dancing (Sweeney 56-61; Dalton and Gates 913-18).
His beloved schooner is wrecked in a hurricane and Flynn suddenly finds he's stepped into a world where he's adulated, yet his privacy is respected.
The Angels have a superstar in Vladimir Guerrero, but after 11 seasons in the major leagues he is still uncomfortable speaking English and is locally more admired and respected than adulated.
Considering the achievements of his disciples, and the extent to which he is adulated by painters today, is there any reason not to like Fairfield Porter?
Life becomes 'normal' for a person who has become accustomed to an abnormal existence, an elevated position within society, 40,000 cheering your every move, adulated while simply walking down a street.