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  • verb

Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

Words related to adulate

flatter in an obsequious manner

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Reporter Chris Moncrieff, who covered the robbery for the Press Association, looks back on the events THE Great Train Robbery was glamorised and its participants adulated as heroes who had carried out a Boy's Own Paper-style exploit of great derring-do.
Instead, Republicans have adulated such figures as Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, J.
Because of its consequences, very different according to the regions and periods, it is a season either detested or adulated (La Soudiere, 1987).
Though Clark and Michelson each came into their own artistically under very different circumstances Clark was London's adulated enfant terrible in the 1980s, whereas Michelson's dances emerged from New York's rich "downtown" scene in the early 2000s it bears noting that both choreographers were born in Britain in the early '60s, roughly the same time that the Breuer building was conceived and constructed.
On the one hand, there were people like Hammons who struggled with breaking into the mainstream, and on the other there were instances like Kara Walker where she's adulated as a very young artist.
So here is a family that both adulated and emulated Gandhiji, and did not exploit their unique heritage for commercial gain.
One minute you're are incredibly well paid, ultra fit and adulated in a happy environment full of laughs, the next you're home alone, contemplating being yesterday's man.
Widely adulated by music education researchers and practitioners both during his lifetime and to the present, Seashore, or, more precisely, Seashore's reputation, has been spared by the fact that his biographer, his obituaries, and all subsequent scholarship about him in music and music education have said nothing about eugenics.
Other wealthy widows, like Lady Dalrymple, seem to come to Bath primarily to be adulated by their inferiors.
This is an indication of the trust and esteem of the people in their Armed Forces, where the Army is especially adulated.
Adulated by screaming teenies No brain in their empty beanies While the rest of us must suffer Cover our ears and run for cover Flinching, as our senses shrivel Insulted by din and media drivel.
They are admired by peers, adulated in media and among common men, and considered idols by millions of young aspiring leaders dreaming of making it big in the corporate world.
And since they are adulated by society, their expectations from each other grows in proportion," she says.
Here we have a romantic expression of recent French patriotism, woven round the adulated figure of Napoleon.
After the standing ovations for Godot, the adulated actors returned to their cells.