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Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

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Words related to adulate

flatter in an obsequious manner

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Obama to put pressure on the government of Azerbaijan, to find and punish those responsible for kidnapping his brother Maher Adulate,
Those who seek to disrupt the stability from the outside may adulate the processes of change in order to make them hit rock bottom.
We adulate celebrities even if they don't do anything.
One of his famous collections concerning Daoist immortals, Wangshi Shenxian zhuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Biographies of the Immortals in Wang Clan), contains accounts of fifty-five Daoist deities and immortals with the surname of Wang and was obviously written to "adulate Wang Jian" (Chao 1968, 3B.305).
We adulate our world champions, of which our two countries have several--mostly in different codes.
As a result, these schools are trying to adulate the pupils or students; this is the opposite with their treatment of the teachers, with whom these schools are extremely strict.
However, those accustomed to adulate the quirky fieldworker with the bike are in for a shock.
This form of defense protects one from a realistic view of the situation and allows them to adulate what they lost.
"We don't adulate our stars like they do, we don't have that same fascination with celebrity," he says.
It makes sense, then, that Byron, adulating the people in one stanza, insists that he does not "adulate the people" a few stanzas later, explaining that he wishes "men to be free / As much from mobs and kings--from you as me.
Douglas Hay and Norma Landau's examination of the legal system of eighteenth-century England leads them neither to adulate nor castigate; rather they appear to chide.
'We British admire celebrities rather than adulate them which means we respect people's privacy rather than treat them as a god.
adulate. And then, who knows, maybe a run for the Senate someday.
In class session after class session, African women are mutilated once again, African American women are enslaved anew, south Asian women are immolated one more time, Chinese women have their feet bound yet again and the whole class is taught to adulate the Euro-American feminist foremothers and their daughters who have made such a liberatory feminist vision possible.