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the accumulation of molecules of a gas to form a thin film on the surface of a solid

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Adsorption Kinetic was resolute by Intra particle diffusion (IPD) and Boyd's models.
Keywords: Nanocomposites, Adsorption models, Dye, pHpzc, Photo catalyst.
2007), ion exchange (Smith and Evens, 1995) and expanded bed adsorption (Biazus et al.
Then the AB-8 resin was selected for the purification flavonoids due to the higher adsorption and desorption rate than other resin in the purification process.
Enzymatic polymerization and adsorption principles have been found useful for remediation of phenol polluted wastewater [6].
A number of treatment methods for the removal of chromium ions from aqueous solutions have been reported, mainly reduction, ion exchange, electrodialysis, electrochemical precipitation, evaporation, solvent extraction, reverse osmosis, chemical precipitation, and adsorption.
5 to 34 m3/min combines refrigerant and adsorption dryer technology delivering high quality compressed air at low energy consumption levels.
The adsorption analyses as a function of pH, temperature and kinetics were performed using 50 mL of dye in the concentration of 100 mg [L.
The influences of various experimental parameters, such as solution pH, initial phosphate concentration, contact time, and co-anions on phosphate adsorption were investigated.
Morphology and FTIR studies have shown that its functional groups such as-OH, =C-H, C=O are responsible for adsorption of dyes (Bukhariet.
0 gm of activated carbon adsorbent at room temperature with 200 rpm shaking until the process reaches the equilibrium time 120 min to study the effect of kinetics and indicating the mechanism of the adsorption process.
As it seen in Table 1, effectiveness of the adsorption cleaning is low, especially if to compare it to results of the previous experiments [4, 7].
Adsorption on activated carbon stands out among conventional treatments.
Adsorption, an alternative technology, has been widely studied for the removal of heavy metal ions form the wastewater because of its cost effectiveness; local availability and technical feasibility.