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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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Polyhydroxystearic acid is more soluble in decalin and xylene than polyethylene oxide so it may probably act as a stabilizing chain while polyethylene oxide adsorbs onto the surface.
Like other polar surfaces, titanium (iv) oxide has the tendency to adsorb polar molecules including water molecules.
These findings support the hypothesis that the orientation and/or conformation of adsorbed fibronectin is more important than the amount of fibronectin that adsorbs onto the surface.
This adsorbent is the first of its kind that can simultaneously adsorb radioactive cesium (Cs) and radioactive strontium (Sr) dissolved in water at a high adsorption rate of 99% or better, satisfying the standards for drinking water established by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (radiation dose of 10 Bq/L or less) using half the quantity of conventional adsorbents.
This advanced filter system uses activated carbon to adsorb oil vapour from downstream compressed air to achieve and exceed Class 1 air purity, according to the ISO 8573-1 standard.
AKD] the fractional coverage of cPAM on AKD, which is expected to be very low for low cPAM dosages, since cPAM preferentially adsorbs on fibres.
6) Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) shows that better barrier properties are exhibited by paints prepared from latex polymers which adsorb onto pigment surfaces.
The system can't yet adsorb particular proteins from a mixture such as blood, says Bunker.
1 that nylon-6 adsorbs iodine from its solution and the amount of iodine adsorbed increased with the increase in concentration of iodine in the solution.
The images from this study show that offset ink readily adsorbs to bubble surfaces for pH 8.
Because the stone adsorbs the liquid scent, there is nothing to spill.
In low carbon steel casting, the metal has an affinity for carbon and readily adsorbs it from the decomposition of some resins.
Several possible structures can form when iodine adsorbs on the (111) face of Pt, one of which is described as Pt(111)([square root of 7] x [square root of 7])R19.
In each case the carbon adsorbs gold complexes present at low concentrations in ore pulps or solutions.
A new adsorbing media for ammonia that reportedly adsorbs four times faster than existing materials and has 1000% more holding capacity than standard zeolite has been introduced by Lewcott Corp.