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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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When single [C.sub.5][H.sub.8] molecule adsorbs on intrinsic SWCNTs, the increased DOS is mainly distributed below the Fermi level, and the DOS at and above the Fermi level nearly does not change.
This paper will discuss the structure and electronic and magnetic properties of phosphorene adsorbed with adatoms [21, 22, 59], including alkali and alkaline-earth atoms [60], nonmetallic atoms, transition-metal atoms, and noble metal atoms [17].
These polymers adsorb on surfaces by an anchor chain and extend by a hydrophilic chain.
Like other polar surfaces, titanium (iv) oxide has the tendency to adsorb polar molecules including water molecules.
This adsorbent is the first of its kind that can simultaneously adsorb radioactive cesium (Cs) and radioactive strontium (Sr) dissolved in water at a high adsorption rate of 99% or better, satisfying the standards for drinking water established by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (radiation dose of 10 Bq/L or less) using half the quantity of conventional adsorbents.
After proper sorption time sorbent was removed with the net that it was hanged over the beaker for 5 min to provide the falling down of crude oil that was not adsorbed.
It was Inspired by polystyrene, which can adsorb small amounts of C[O.sub.2] by the same swelling action.
investigated the adsorption and desorption of organic liquids on silica aerogel and found that the aerogel could adsorb the organic liquids and oils by nearly 15 times of its own mass [8].
This advanced filter system uses activated carbon to adsorb oil vapour from downstream compressed air to achieve and exceed Class 1 air purity, according to the ISO 8573-1 standard.
The concentration of paraquat adsorbed to the soil was calculated as:
Here [theta] is the fractional coverage of cPAM on fibre and [[theta].sub.AKD] the fractional coverage of cPAM on AKD, which is expected to be very low for low cPAM dosages, since cPAM preferentially adsorbs on fibres.
However, in the case of a latex which adsorbs onto pigments, such as polymer EXP-1, the formation of composite particles begins fairly rapidly.
When a gold bridge is then heated above 35[degrees]C, the overlying polymer expels the water and quickly adsorbs the nearby protein molecules.
The first column material adsorbs protein and RNA at a salt concentration at which plasmid is not adsorbed to produce an eluate containing plasmid and DNA.
1 that nylon-6 adsorbs iodine from its solution and the amount of iodine adsorbed increased with the increase in concentration of iodine in the solution.