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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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Figure 10 shows a plot of the calculated coating resistance (Rc) of paints based on adsorbing and non-adsorbing polymers as a function of exposure time to sodium chloride solution.
Among the topics are the accessibility of gases and liquids in carbons, characterizing advanced physical adsorption by nanoporous carbons, hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity in carbons, adsorption by phosphorous-containing carbons, unique characteristics and applications of zeolite-tempered carbon, adsorption by soft-templated carbons, adsorption behaviors of graphene and graphene-related materials, the catalytic removal of water-solved aromatic compounds by carbon-based materials, carbon-based catalyst support in fuel cell applications, and novel carbon materials for adsorbing carbon dioxide.
Zeolite bed is used as a purification filter, adsorbing MEK, while TOL, the minor compound, can be recovered.
When it comes to adsorbing the surrogate nerve agent's vapors, it just works better.
The QDT filter is capable of adsorbing an oil volume equivalent to 10% of its own weight and the unit's oil indicator provides an advance warning as to when the filter is fully saturated and needs replacing.
VOC gases are fed in to the system through a particle filter, which protects the adsorbing materials, either activated carbon or zeolites.
The performances of aerogel adsorbing to solvent solutions in water are different from those in the pure solvents.
In this research, the researchers produced a nanoadsorbent that is capable of adsorbing this compound from chicken samples to determine the amount of the consumed material.
For oil adsorbing applications in the absence of water the raw bagasse was found to be an excellent material.
3, hydrolyzed PCL scaffolds generate the greatest affinity between [alpha]5[beta]1 integrins and the adsorbed fibronectin despite adsorbing the lowest quantity of fibronectin.
10) and reduce the number of OH groups available for hydrogen bondings with water molecules.This is exactly parallel to the behaviour of silica gel which loses its tendency for adsorbing water molecules after hydrothermal treatment [Christy, 2011b].
For the Pt atom, its defect states are primarily seated in the valence bands, so the electronic structure of phosphorene is affected slightly by adsorbing with Pt atoms [16].
[20], found that increase of amino groups in polar anchoring part of succinimide dispersant increase the adsorption affinity of dispersant onto the adsorbing surface which plays an important role in the stability of the suspensions.