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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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An alternative approach to obtaining a uniform dispersion of pigment particles in dried paint films is to form latex polymer-pigment composites by adsorbing latex polymer particles onto the pigment surfaces in the wet state.
The adsorbing material (usually solid or liquid) is known as adsorbent (sorbent) while the adsorbed material is the adsorbate (sorbate).
As well as booms, 'socks', cushions and pads, in varying quantities for containing and adsorbing the spillage, kits contain 'Dammit', a clay based sealant for emergency sealing of damaged tanks and drums and mats of the same material for protecting drains liable to be at risk if a spillage occurs.
Ion exchange chromatography is carried out in addition to the hydrophobic interaction chromatography by adsorbing plasmid from an eluate from the second column material onto an ion exchange chromatography material, and eluting the adsorbed plasmid.
Nylon-6 also forms iodophor by adsorbing iodine either from its solution or vapours phase.
Most hydrogen sensors rely on thin palladium wires, which decrease their conductivity within seconds or minutes after adsorbing molecules of the gas.
A new adsorbing media for ammonia that reportedly adsorbs four times faster than existing materials and has 1000% more holding capacity than standard zeolite has been introduced by Lewcott Corp.
Hydro-Tain is a coagulant that functions by adsorbing virtually any hydrocarbon based liquid.
Silver impregnated activated carbons, apart from adsorbing organic contaminants, also control taste, remove odours, extract colour compounds, filter particles and remove chlorine.