adsorbent material

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a material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance

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Wang, "Adsorption of methylene blue on adsorbent materials produced from cotton stalk," Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.
Similarly, the percentage of adsorption for each adsorbent material was determined by the following equation:
The results obtained for the soluble solid content in the fibers indicate the need of an exhaustive washing process of the fibers prior to their use as adsorbent material.
This has the disadvantage, though, that only selective contact exists between the adsorbent material and the component.
It will establish state-of-the-art testing procedures, develop reference materials for adsorbent material testing, create an online data base of adsorbent material properties and serve as an impartial testing and validation facility.
The high magnitude of [q.sub.m] (47.39 mg/g) indicates that the amount of MB dye per unit weight of sorbent (to form a complete monolayer on the surface) seems to be high value of [q.sub.m] when compared with other adsorbents used on MB dye (Table 5) showed that raw melon husk could also beta good adsorbent material for MB.
Among specific topics are the effect of milling time on the production of herbal nanopowders, flow behavior in the resin infusion of a glass-fiber-reinforced polymer wind turbine blade, mechanical properties of chitosan-modified montmorillinite-filled tapioca starch nanocomposite films, fabricating and characterizing ceramic membrane by a gel-cast technique for filtering water, and zero-valent iron supported by nano-clay as an efficient adsorbent material for arsenic.
The aim of this investigation is studying the ability of banana peel (low coast adsorbent material) for removing thorium from simulated syntheticqueous solution, and utilization from the banana peel residue in eco-friendly method.
50 mL of effluent contained chlorophenols at pH 7.5 and flow rate of 1.0 to 2.0 mL x [min.sup.-1] were percolated through the column (20 cm x 4.0 mm ID), packed with 0.2 g of the adsorbent material in stages interspersed with cotton.
To enhance our possibilities of proper interpretation, adsorption experiments in pure C[O.sub.2] were primarily conducted, followed by laboratory studies using synthetic air containing 400 ppm C[O.sub.2],and, finally, a selected adsorbent material was tested under real varying conditions in ambient air and by applying different desorption parameters.
Biosorbents: Wheat and rice husk, banana, pea and peanut peels, and sohanjana leaves were chosen as adsorbent material. After washing with tap water, these were dried in oven at 100degC for 24 hours and homogenized in a blender to utilize in adsorption experiments.
Thanks to the advantages of the above-mentioned adsorbent material, they are anticipated to find applications in water and wastewater treatment facilities.
Studies were carried out for the removal of zinc metal from synthetic stock solution, by the adsorbent material bentonite.
"Needlepunch nonwoven technology has been used to develop this flexible, absorbent and adsorbent material that can be used not only as a decontamination wipe, but also as the liner of protective suits, filters and masks," said Dr.
It does this by passing air over a regenerative adsorbent material that strips the moisture from the air.