adsorbent material

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a material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance

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During the last few years the advanced knowledge of biosorption relatively low costs, high adsorption capacities and regenerability of natural bio adsorbent materials [165, 166].
FACT will utilize this instrumentation to establish a center of excellence for characterizing adsorbent materials.
Of different adsorbent materials, activated carbon is the most popular for the removal of pollutants from wastewater.
The results showed that using adsorbent material BP, the percent removal of thorium was increased when the pH of SSAS of thorium increased too, at constant other variables as shown in Figure 3.
In Erlenmeyer flask (125 mL) containing the adsorbent material were added 50 mL of aqueous solution enriched with heavy metals in the following concentrations: Cd (0.
Biosorbents: Wheat and rice husk, banana, pea and peanut peels, and sohanjana leaves were chosen as adsorbent material.
Thanks to the advantages of the above-mentioned adsorbent material, they are anticipated to find applications in water and wastewater treatment facilities.
Studies were carried out for the removal of zinc metal from synthetic stock solution, by the adsorbent material bentonite.
Needlepunch nonwoven technology has been used to develop this flexible, absorbent and adsorbent material that can be used not only as a decontamination wipe, but also as the liner of protective suits, filters and masks," said Dr.
It does this by passing air over a regenerative adsorbent material that strips the moisture from the air.
the QuestAir H-6200 combines novel structured adsorbents and rotary valves to routinely achieve two orders of magnitude higher productivity per unit of adsorbent material compared to conventional pressure swing adsorption (PSA).
A team of scientists at Spain's Public University of Navarra (PUN) has developed a new adsorbent material said to be capable of storing hydrogen at low temperatures and returning 100 percent of the adsorbed fuel.
A packed bed consists of layers of adsorbent material.
Desiccant dehumidifiers work by directing the room's airflow to the face of a slowly rotating wheel that holds a desiccant, a solid, adsorbent material that attracts and holds water on its surface.
Wartelle is particularly encouraged by the carbon's potential as an adsorbent material for gas chromatographic analysis of air.