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CETCO, a subsidiary of Amcol International Corporation, has launched its FLUORO-SORB(R) adsorbent, a proprietary, NSF-certified product that effectively treats multiple variants of polyfluoroalkyl substances.
The latter, is one of the most important methods of waste water treatment; it is based on the use of the activated carbon as adsorbent because of its excellent properties of adsorption, but the high cost of activated carbon has prompted several researchers to find other low-cost adsorbents for the elimination of coloring agents from contaminated water, for example some few inexpensive biosorbents are used to eliminate the cationic dye, the methylene blue, including yellow passion fruit waste [11], bagasse [12], neem (azadirachta indica) leaf powder [13], posidonia oceanica [14], coffee husks [15], papaya seeds [16] and brazilian pine-fruit shell [17].
Present study proved that microwave assisted urea modification of Bengal gram husk greatly increased the removal efficiency of the adsorbent.
Rice husk, an abundant biomaterial, is capable of removing heavy metals and can be considered as an efficient and low-cost adsorbent for heavy metal removal.
Clays are strong adsorbent and have been used for decades.
The adsorption experiments were performed in a series of flasks containing 100 mL solutions of metal ions at desired concentration and mass of adsorbent herbs.
In this investigation, an adsorbent is prepared by doping hydrazine sulphate-treated red mud in calcium alginate beads, and its adsorption nature towards lead ions is studied.
So, the objective of the present study is to prepare an adsorbent from sugar scum for the removal of organic pollutants from aqueous solution.
Due to its chemical and thermal stability, high capture efficiency, and low cost, the new MOF adsorbent demonstrates promise for industrial radioactive organic iodine capture from nuclear energy or treatment of legacy environmental clean-up sites.
Fly ash obtained from a thermal power station was used as an adsorbent for the adsorption of reactive blue 25 dye from aqueous solutions.
In addition to collating and analysing data from the adsorbent
has closed the acquisition of bleaching clay and mineral adsorbent assets of German chemical company BASF's US business, the company said.