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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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Atlanta Gas Light, a subsidiary of Southern Company Gas, is testing adsorbed natural gas bi-fuel vehicles with the new integrated fuel storage technology developed by Adsorbed Natural Gas Products Inc.
The amount of Zn and Cu adsorbed onto the solid phase was calculated as the difference between the concentration added and the concentration in solution at equilibrium:
In this paper, we built a dual-porosity-based numerical model that is capable of considering the above special flow mechanisms to investigate contributions of free and adsorbed gas to the total production and the effect of the matrix permeability, the number of hydraulic fracturing stages, the conductivity of primary hydraulic fractures, half-length of primary hydraulic fractures, and the conductivity and development level of secondary fracture network on the recovery factors in SRV and non-SRV regions according to the field data collected from a shale gas field in Sichuan Basin.
In conjunction, the company stated that it has modified its September 2016 contract for the development and procurement of NuThrax (anthrax vaccine adsorbed with CPG 7909 adjuvant) for BARDA.
The adsorption energy ([]) of the molecules adsorbed on Ni-doped SWCNTs is obtained from
It should be noticed that phosphorene adsorbed with Li/Be adatoms is more stable and appropriate to be used in practical application.
From the spectra, the integrated luminescence intensity (I) was calculated by the areas in the range between 420 and 670 nm, and I per 1mol of Alq was calculated by dividing I by the adsorbed molar amount of Alq on the MPS films.
The amount of protein adsorbed onto each surface ([DELTA]m) at 30 min after protein injection was calculated using Sauerbrey's equation [21].
The hydrated sample was removed, ground in a mortar and evacuated at 260[degrees]C to remove physically adsorbed water from the surface.
A commercial adsorbed natural gas (ANG) low pressure storage and delivery system, whose technology could lead to significant re-duction in carbon emissions on a global scale and which will be made available to markets first in the US and then internationally, has at its heart Nuchar FuelSorb activated carbon monoliths.
These studies investigated the effects of many variables, such as adsorption time and concentration and substrate architecture, hydrophilicity, and surface roughness, on the amount of fibronectin adsorbed. While it is important to know how much fibronectin adsorbs onto each functionalized scaffold, it is also important (and possibly more important) to know how the fibronectin adsorbs in terms of conformation and orientation.
After proper sorption time sorbent was removed with the net that it was hanged over the beaker for 5 min to provide the falling down of crude oil that was not adsorbed.
Johnson & Son has patented a composition for treating odors embedded in or adsorbed onto soft surfaces.
The results indicated that adsorbed amount of PSS decreased with increasing SDS concentration due to stronger adsorption of SDS, while in the PSS-HTAC system adsorption of PSS was enhanced due to the formation of a complex of PSSHTAC.
When the contact angle is less than 90[degrees], the liquid spreads on the aerogel surface and when the liquid is completely adsorbed by the aerogel, the contact angle is equal to zero.