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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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Based on the superior adsorbability and electrical conduction of the biomass carbon fiber, the composites show the excellent catalytic activities on photocatalytic degradation and water splitting for hydrogen production.
Previous studies have shown that iron bacteria A can decompose nutrients through enzyme catalytic reaction, eventually forming iron-based complexes which have great similarities with ferric hydroxide, as well as excellent reactivity and adsorbability (10).
The adsorbability of phosphate ions to the colloids of electropositive soils process is high (Valladares et al., 2003), making the nutrient unavailable for crops and soil microorganisms (Gatiboni et al., 2008).
Because of the adsorption mechanism shown in (1), alkaline environment of solution can provide a better effect of defluoridation; thus to ensure the good adsorbability materials were firstly immersed in saturated solution of sodium hydrate for 12 hours and then immersed in deionized water for 12 hours.
[4] experimentally researched the adsorbability of modified activated carbon for C[O.sub.2].
Ye, "Facile and template-free preparation of [alpha]-Mn[O.sub.2] nanostructures and their enhanced adsorbability," Materials Research Bulletin, vol.
This was substantiated in the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) study, which documented that in a sample size of over 14,000 subjects, men ate a mean of 317 [mu]g per day (median, 266 [mu]g per day) of folate while women ate a mean of 236 [mu]g per day (median, 195 [mu]g per day).[4] Herbert[5] found that the percentage of total folate in liver, yeast, and egg yolk that is absorbed is very high; but the adsorbability of the forms of folate in most other foods is probably in the range of 10%.
The phase transition of the PEG from amorphous phase into stable crystal phase can be inhibited to a large extent due to the confined chain motion of the PEG induced by the strong adsorbability of the AB pores, and thus the obviously reduced latent heat of phase change is detected by DSC.