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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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After the overnight incubation, PBS was removed and fluorescently labeled fibronectin solutions at various concentrations were added to the scaffolds and allowed to adsorb onto each material for 30 min at 37[degrees]C.
Another advantage of the new adsorbent is Its ability to adsorb C[O.
Particulate defoamers in waterborne coatings also may adsorb additives and the surface active portions of defoamers may adsorb onto pigment particles instead of helping with defoaming.
The absence of flocculation of cationic AKD by cPAM proves that cPAM does not adsorb onto AKD stabilized by cationic starch, presumably because electrostatic repulsion prevents cPAM adsorption on AKD.
1 that nylon-6 adsorbs iodine from its solution and the amount of iodine adsorbed increased with the increase in concentration of iodine in the solution.
If the sand has a wide range of screen size distribution, the mold may be able to adsorb the expansion movement.
drums has been introduced which will adsorb any water vapor drawn into a drum during filling and emptying, and will continue to protect the fluid until the adsorber is exhausted.
Surface electrochemistry is the part of electrochemistry concerned with the details of what goes on at the electrode surface - in particular how molecules adsorb there and the reactions they undergo.
This left room on the tubing for new molecules to adsorb, to be altered, and then to be released into the solution, continuously reducing the potency of the solution.
The cotton composite takes liquid up very quickly and can adsorb vapors more efficiently than the powdered decontaminant.
According to the results of the experiments, the nano adsorbent is able to rapidly adsorb mercury at low concentrations.
6) Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) shows that better barrier properties are exhibited by paints prepared from latex polymers which adsorb onto pigment surfaces.
Ruptured filters will contaminate desiccant, inhibiting its ability to adsorb moisture.
Jascha Repp of the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in Switzerland and his colleagues allowed gold atoms to adsorb onto a thin film of sodium chloride atop a copper base.
Gases that adsorb on the surfaces can change the electrical conductivities of the thin, nanostructured films which are typically tin oxide (Sn[O.