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with adroitness


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Sam, upon this, began to bestir himself in real earnest, and after a while appeared, bearing down gloriously towards the house, with Bill and Jerry in a full canter, and adroitly throwing himself off before they had any idea of stopping, he brought them up alongside of the horse-post like a tornado.
On pretence of adjusting the saddle, he adroitly slipped under it the sharp little nut, in such a manner that the least weight brought upon the saddle would annoy the nervous sensibilities of the animal, without leaving any perceptible graze or wound.
A gallant knight shows to advantage bringing his lance to bear adroitly upon a fierce bull under the eyes of his sovereign, in the midst of a spacious plaza; a knight shows to advantage arrayed in glittering armour, pacing the lists before the ladies in some joyous tournament, and all those knights show to advantage that entertain, divert, and, if we may say so, honour the courts of their princes by warlike exercises, or what resemble them; but to greater advantage than all these does a knight-errant show when he traverses deserts, solitudes, cross-roads, forests, and mountains, in quest of perilous adventures, bent on bringing them to a happy and successful issue, all to win a glorious and lasting renown.
And adroitly he sprang up again, and came straight at the other with an awkward but unexpected stroke.
It appears incredible to me that any kind of trick, however subtly conceived and however adroitly done, could have been played upon us under these conditions.
Then he descended with cautious and slow step, for he dreaded lest an accident similar to that he had so adroitly feigned should happen in reality.
Hence, the doctor preferred not to force the dilation, and so adroitly followed the sinuosities of a pretty sharply-inclined plane, and swept very close to the villages of Thembo and Tura-Wels.
Adroitly D'Arnot led the conversation from point to point until the policeman had explained to the interested Tarzan many of the methods in vogue for apprehending and identifying criminals.
'It is perhaps premature to anticipate how President Duterte will deal with this issue finally but, even at this point I may confidently say that he has navigated the troubled waters on these issues adroitly notwithstanding the persistent needling of the Arbitral Claim advocates,' he added.
ON-WINE SHOPPING: 2018 Monos Locos Reserve Chardonnay PS9.99 at Folk choosing this adroitly balanced chardonnay from Chile's Central Valley are anything but the "crazy monkeys" of its name.
He said criteria for selection of schools and students would be set and National Testing Service (NTS) would be asked to conduct a screening test for the selection of students so that the suitable students who demonstrate the relevant aptitude for science education may adroitly be selected.
The characters are a delight, the situation is totally believable, and the romance has a twist that is adroitly handled.
Steps must be taken by the administration adroitly to control the incidents by imposing ban on deadly strings sold in shops.
Williamson and Raval negotiated the spinners early on adroitly, but once Yasir struck to break that partnership, he was unstoppable once more.
Amin Khan Mandokhail in rendering services to the deprives masses adroitly .