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Synonyms for adroit

Synonyms for adroit

well done or executed

showing art or skill in performing or doing

exhibiting or possessing skill and ease in performance

Antonyms for adroit

quick or skillful or adept in action or thought

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Pension fund giant TIAA-CREF, is in the midst of major changes in its drive to become leaner, more responsive to customers' needs and more adroit as a competitor.
The CEOs also adroit that most Of their companies focus on external threats such as viruses and consistently underemphasize internal threats, the E&Y report says.
Adroit and creative, Sanders found three military aircraft that could be spared and moved 162 employers and family members to Corpus Christi on Feb.
And second, and far more importantly, that some adroit diplomatic maneuvering can convince Asian nations, particularly China and the Koreas, that Japan as a local security force is good for the region.
Professor Traub impresses by her command of scholarship in several fields and by her adroit handling of a striking array of the discourses of early modern eroticism; from anatomies and travel narratives to works on midwifery and legal treatises, from medical and pornographic texts to poetry, drama, and paintings, her discussion follows the complex circulation of discourses in England and on the Continent.
In response to Ali G's suggestion that people's "natural gases" could be harnessed as a source of energy, Nader says, "Well, you already have tens of millions of cattle, but they haven't figured out how to put a box on their asshole' Despite this adroit performance, according to Newsweek, "Nader's people were so furious after Ali G got him to rap during an interview that one aide reportedly said it might be grounds for a lawsuit"--presumably for intentional infliction of rhythmic distress.
Sanders told the Salt Lake Tribune that since flames engulfed the living room when she peered in, family possessions were likely a "total loss' But thanks to the detective's adroit response to the crisis, the mother and children suffered only minor smoke inhalation.
Thanks to consumer fatigue with an aging product mix, the failure to introduce a killer app foodstuff a la Chicken McNuggets, and growing public concerns about caloric intake, McDonald's found itself losing market share for the first time in history to adroit upstarts like Subway.
Hirsch, MD, lead investigator, said, "Either women are too adroit at guessing other people's weight, or men are just easily influenced by how a woman smells.
Because the book emphasises how important Palmerston's adroit handling of public opinion was to his success it is really a study of 'the political nation and the use and manipulation of public opinion' particularly as concerns foreign policy.
There are adroit biographical sketches of all the major figures that will leave the reader with a lasting impression of each personality.
The great strength of Lynda Nead's work is her ability to think through the dynamic connections between the material and spatial articulations of the city and the everyday social and psychic excursions of its citizenry, much of this reinforced by the adroit reading of visual texts.
What real satisfaction can a team derive from picking up places and points because their group of (if you'll forgive the phrase) glorified grease monkeys were marginally more adroit than the other lot's?
This failed to materialize, in large part because of the archbishop's adroit maneuvering of an Act of Synod which allowed "flying bishops" to perform ecclesiastical duties in more traditional congregations at odds with their own bishops over the issue.