adrenergic drug

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drug that has the effects of epinephrine

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Results suggest that the alphaadrenergic agonist drugs studied were better than placebo in reducing both objective (e.g., pad changes, incontinent episodes) and subjective symptoms of female stress UI; however, there was not enough evidence to evaluate higher versus lower dose adrenergic drugs (Alhasso et al., 2010).
Both the reaction media (i) and (ii) were first preincubated in vitro with or without simultaneous addition of various concentrations of thyroid hormones ([T.sub.3], [T.sub.4]) and TH-analogue ([T.sub.2]) (0.001 nM to 1 [micro]M), adrenergic drugs (1nM for ISO, PRA, PHE and YoH; 1nM-100nM for CLO and PROP), glutamate (100 [micro]M), DB cAMP (1 [micro]M5mM), and sodium orthovanadate (10nM-2mM) followed by addition of the synaptosomal lysates, each containing 20-50 [micro]g synaptosomal protein, at 0[degrees]C for 60 minutes in dark.
NEW YORK -- Optimal management of bronchiolitis involves rational use of adrenergic drugs and avoidance of unnecessary tests and treatments, Dr.
The drug should be administered with caution with pseudoephedrine, other adrenergic drugs, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
We can now deposit bronchodilators, like these beta adrenergic drugs, directly into the airways and have the site of action only on the airways.