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Synonyms for blockade

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Synonyms for blockade

a prolonged surrounding of an objective by hostile troops

to surround with hostile troops

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Synonyms for blockade

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Impaired left ventricular filling dynamics in patients with angina and angiographically normal coronary arteries: effect of beta adrenergic blockade. Heart 1997; 77: 32-9.
Puttgen, that there's a synergistic effect when combining the selective alpha-2 adrenergic agonist effect of brimonidine with timolol, which provides nonselective beta adrenergic blockade. However, she said, there has been an isolated report of brimonidine toxicity.
These results are consistent with those observed in another study in which previous adrenergic blockade with guanethidine and pretreatment with propranolol (nonselective [beta]-adrenergic antagonist) were studied (4).
The main objective of such a study was to characterize the dynamics of atrial tachyarrhythmias so induced and to observe the effects of muscarinic and adrenergic blockade. Subsequently, the responses to stimulation of the right cervical vagosympathetic complex versus the right juxta cardiac nerves were compared (4).
Our patient developed significant hemodynamic instability and sinus bradycardia when his bladder CPG was initially resected in the absence of adrenergic blockade. Despite our patient's undoubted catecholamine release with resulting hypertensive crisis during surgery, the patient's postoperative serum catecholamine levels and 24-h collection of urine catecholamines and metabolites were within normal limits.