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Synonyms for adrenergic

drug that has the effects of epinephrine

relating to epinephrine (its release or action)

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For association between asthma and gene polymorphism the search terms used were: "Asthma* AND Polymorph* OR mutation OR variant AND beta2* OR b2 OR ADRb2 OR Adrenergic receptor b2".
Beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonist is a drug approved by the Federal Drug Administration of the United States and is used to treat overactive bladders, while T3 triiodothyronine is a thyroid hormone commonly used for medication for an underactive thyroid gland, according to the study's release.
Genetic polymorphisms of the beta-2 adrenergic receptor in Israelis with severe asthma compared to non-asthmatic Israelis.
A pilot trial of prazosin, an alpha-1 adrenergic antagonist, for comorbid alcohol dependence and posttraumatic stress disorder.
Commonly reported side effects of the adrenergic bronchodilators include headache, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia, which are caused by central nervous system stimulation.
Antibodies to beta adrenergic and muscarinic cholinergic receptors in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.
To achieve this, number of drugs like corticosteroids, hormones, NSAID (Non steroid Anti-inflammatory drug), calcium channel blocker and [alpha]-1 adrenergic blockers have been evaluated.
The sympathetic nervous system appears to modulate ureteral activity as shown by the presence of adrenergic receptors in the ureter.
Although various combinations of opioids, [alpha]-2 adrenergic agonists, and dissociative agents have been used in ratites, few effective chemical immobilization protocols have been documented for rheas (Rhea species).
Ipratropium is an anticholinergic bronchodilator, and albuterol is a selective beta 2 adrenergic bronchodilator.
1] adrenergic receptor gene polymorphisms are shown in Table II and also compared with other major populations.
Our review will focus in describing how the interaction with the [alpha]-2B adrenergic receptors may account for its properties and how this interaction may produce a predictably different cardiovascular profile in specific clinical situations.
This report highlights the importance of a systematic approach to the evaluation of anisocoria and sensitises physicians to the phenomenon of potentiation of the beta adrenergic mydriatic effect of the commonly used nebulisers.
TIMOPTIC (timolol maleate) is a non-selective beta- adrenergic receptor blocking agent indicated for the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma.