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the increase in activity of the adrenal glands just before puberty

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DHEAS and [DELTA]4A levels were low in all patients and two of them did not have adrenarche (Patient 1 and Patient 2), although two patients (Patient 3 and Patient 6) had sparse pubic hair and two patients (Patient 4 and Patient 5) had pubic hair consistent with Tanner stage 3-4.
In the present study, from adrenarche (6-8 years old) until 9 years of age, pregnenolone levels did not vary significantly nor did the levels of 17a-hydroxyprogesterone.
Rivarola, "Adrenarche: postnatal adrenal zonation and hormonal and metabolic regulation," Hormone Research, vol.
Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common cause of oligo ovulation and anovulation.4 Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine disorder which causes anovulatory infertility.5 In PCOS Increased ovarian androgen production leads to premature adrenarche, menstrual irregularity, acne, hirsutism, and infertility by means of elevated luteinizing hormone to follicle stimulating hormone production and hyperinsulinemia.
Reduced atherogenic indices in prepubertal girls with precocious adrenarche born appropriate for gestational age in relation to the conundrum of DHEAS.
Chapters address the principles, enzymes, and pathways of human steroidogenesis; glucocorticoid action, receptors, and therapy; the secretion and action of aldosterone; adrenal insufficiency; adrenal causes of hypercortisolism; defects of adrenal steroidogenesis; adrenarche and adrenopause; adrenal gland imaging; adrenocortical carcinoma; primary mineralcorticoid excess syndromes and hypertension; mineralcorticoid deficiency; pheochromocytoma; adrenal surgery; and Cushing's syndrome.
Family environments, adrenarche and sexual maturation: A longitudinal test of a life history model.
Additional 239 students were excluded for lack of outcome cardiometabolic risk variables, and 216 were excluded for lack of information on pubarche (an adjustment variable associated with adrenarche, growth pattern, and insulin resistance) [14-16].
He had visual impairment, lumbar scoliosis, premature adrenarche, and follicular plugging.
Differences in endocrine parameters and psychopathology in girls with premature adrenarche versus on-time adrenarche.
At an ontogenetic level, sexual attraction would be the result of adrenarche, at the age of 10, with the appearance of a stable sexual attraction to others (McClintock & Herdt, 1996).