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procumbens extract if the anti-inflammatory response is a consequence of adrenal corticosteroid release.
The three treatments for croup, humidified air, racemic epinephrine, and adrenal corticosteroids, are discussed in the sections that follow (Table 3).
STGI anticipates that the data generated from these in vitro and in vivo studies will provide conclusive evidence about the effect of ANTICORT(tm) and its bioactive components on adrenal corticosteroid synthesis in rodent and human models.
She received alemtuzumab with her first allogeneic transplant and conditioning with antithymocyte globulin before her second transplant, resulting in significant in vivo T-cell depletion; she was also receiving adrenal corticosteroids.
It is known that higher levels of adrenal corticosteroids aid or abet predispositions to diabetes.