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Synonyms for adpressed

pressed close to or lying flat against something


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Verticils with up to 20 filiform leaves with acute apices, adpressed in the axial plane, inserted at an acute angle (30-45[degrees]), and overlapping 2-4 internodes.
they are not adpressed to the vegetative shoot (Figure 8).
Coloration (Figs 53-56): Carapace low, flat, dark brown with median brownish-yellow longitudinal stripe, slightly broader in posterior part of ocular area, with two lateral yellow bands, covered with white adpressed hairs.
Dondersiidae comprises nine genera and 32 species (Table 1) on the basis of a thin cuticle without skeletal sclerites or epidermal papillae (not unique to this family), and by varying combinations of characters: body with or without posterior end drawn out into fingerlike projection; with two or more types of raised (not adpressed) solid sclerites or one type of adpressed scales; radula monostichous with two or more denticles per row, the central two fused or not fused distally, or radula lacking; ventrolateral foregut glands as groups of extraepithelial unicellular gland cells ("follicles") or as multicellular glands ("type A"); and with or without copulatory spicules.
Sparse short adpressed yellowish hairs scattered on scutum and scutellum with additional long, erect, white hairs.
is simple or little-branched and densely adpressed white-tomentose perennial herb, up to 75 cm, growing on the open Pinus brutia forest and oak scrub of Antalya, at altitudes up to 1000 m [3].
4 mm width; primary bracts light brown, linear to triangular, 2-25 cm long, 4-6 mm width at the base, long attenuate to acuminate; secondary branches numerous, ascendent to adpressed, 6-13 cm long, pediculated, the pedicles 1-2 cm long; secondary bracts triangular, ca.
In males the tegmina overlap only in the stridulatory area under the pronotum, the short tips are neatly aligned and adpressed at the anal margins along the body midline (Fig.
6 cm wide, densely imbricate, conspicuously nerved, densely lepidote abaxially, margins laxly spinose, upper scape bracts polystichous, adpressed to the peduncle, narrowly triangular, acute and acuminate, 2-3.
not hollow or adpressed against the body), and are short to elongate; there can be few types or many (Fig.
63); distal blade dentate along anterior margin, remaining blades smooth; third and fourth blades very closely adpressed.