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Simple as the furniture was, it was set off by so many little adornments, of no value but for their taste and fancy, that its effect was delightful.
The town spoke in her well-cut gown and a few simple adornments, but the dryad still moved inside.
Her bridal adornments, it is true, at first caused some little dismay, having painted and anointed herself for the occasion according to the Chinook toilet; by dint, however, of copious ablutions, she was freed from all adventitious tint and fragrance, and entered into the nuptial state, the cleanest princess that had ever been known, of the somewhat unctuous tribe of the Chinooks.
She craved those adornments of person which she saw every day on the street, conceiving them to be allies of vast importance to women.
This fact will account for the rapturous mood in which Polly found herself when, after making her bonnet, washing and ironing her best set, blacking her boots and mending her fan, she at last, like Consuelo, "put on a little dress of black silk" and, with the smaller adornments pinned up in a paper, started for the Shaws', finding it difficult to walk decorously when her heart was dancing in her bosom.
Women are infinitely superior to men in the moral qualities which are the true adornments of humanity.
And now, they were hers, but the tresses that should have adorned the coveted adornments were gone.
Now, on the contrary, she was perforce decked out in a way so inconsistent with her age and her figure, that her one anxiety was to contrive that the contrast between these adornments and her own exterior should not be too appalling.
While jewelry has traditionally been thought of as personal adornment and not for functional use, the history of items that are both useful and beautiful goes back to the dawn of human history.
All other hadrosaur fossils come with some kind of adornment on their skulls (with one exception from the end of the Cretaceous Period, the time just before the K-T extinction.
Wherever a young child might think of sticking her Junior Jazzle, I just think it is sad she thinks that she needs any accessory or adornment to make her prettier or more attractive than nature has already made her.
Interestingly, one of the things that had increased during this time is the number of people with body adornment (e.
New works added to the exhibition recently are by New Zealand Maori performance and adornment artist George Nuku, and include a pendant carved from Whitby jet.
In this elaborately illustrated book, He explains how the ancient Egyptians' beliefs are represented in the architecture and adornment of the tombs of their kings.
The gift of mimicry, the necessity and ingenuity of masking and the penchant of African Americans for adornment are three such cases in point.