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someone who admires a young woman

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And so the poet underlines, in his copy of Coomaraswamy's La danse de Civa, the Hindu phrase: '"Devam bhutva, devam yajet': pour adorer le dieu, deviens le dieu" (Coomaraswamy, 1922: 55).
On peut adorer les mangas et tous les produits japonais mais ne jamais desirer aller au Japon; ecouter du ra'i, passer ses vacances au Maroc et voter pour des partis xenophobes, etc.
Il est bien que vous n'aimiez pas comme je vous aime puisque ainsi je ne me lasserai jamais de vous adorer avec gravite.
In the impassioned erotic tones of a bhakta (Hindu devotee), he announces: "I am in love with the Gopia, charmed with Crishen, an enthusiastick admirer of Ram, and a devout adorer of Brimha-bishenmehais" [Brahma, Vishnu, Siva: the trimurti/trinity].
Que assi como Oracio Poeta dice: que femel est imbuta receno len babit adorer testa diu.
She was a communicant of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, a member of the Third Order of Saint Francis, a member of the Ladies of Saint Anne, a weekly adorer at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, and a member of the Living Rosary and of the Family Apostolate Ministry.
His model, for instance, seems to have an obvious precedent in the Western European literary tradition of courtly love, with its aloof (libidinally self-sufficient) "cruel fair" and the wasting male adorer whose ego is impoverished in his worshipful desire for her.
The adorer had become the adored, the beseecher the besought.
Et ce, au grand bonheur de leurs parents qui n'avaient jamais pense que leur progeniture allait aimer et adorer ces retrouvailles livresques.
Dans sa seance tenue sous la presidence du vice-president du Conseil d'Etat, le conseiller Dr Mohamed Abdel Wahab, la CJA a affirme dans son verdict : [beaucoup moins que]La mosquee est le coeur de la societe islamique et le lieu de rencontre des fideles pour adorer Dieu (.
In terms of expression, Patrick used a wider range of expressions to express likes and dislikes: Olivia used aimer three times whilst Patrick chose adorer, aimer, preferer.
With plenty of care-taking tips along with the stories, "The Misadventures of Belle & Chloe" is a fine pick for any canine adorer, not to be overlooked.
An enthusiastic photographer and adorer of children, particularly girls, Dodgson shot Alice throughout her childhood, most famously producing this suggestive photograph in 1858.
One granny adorer said: "I've always been attracted to older women.