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someone who admires a young woman

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This is the story of an Icelandic adorer of Fidel Castro, who eventually leaves his family for Cuba and may just may -- be encountered there as a street vendor of chestnuts years later.
Both suicides despise tyranny, but the revolutionary suicide is both a great despiser and a great adorer who longs for another shore.
Mortels, il faut souffrir, Se soumettre en silence, adorer et mourir ll.
The painting represents the perfect marriage of Cadmus, freethinking social critic, with Cadmus, adorer of the male form.
Justise tent partut sa ligne, A chascun rent ceo dunt est digne, Deu sul cumande adorer
For many years, she was a dedicated Adorer at The Emmaus Center in The Blessed Sacrament Chapel at The Sacred Heart Parish in Webster.
Du premier au dernier tableau c'est un voyage au coeur de la poesie dialectique, un voyage initiatique qui nous apprend a aimer la couleur et a adorer le mot.
L'Emir a appele au respect de cette diversite des formes et des chemins et considere que les etre humains sont nes pour adorer Dieu et respecter l'humain.
An Adorer of the Blood of Christ, 1961 found her educating 52 first and second graders in a smallish classroom in southern Illinois.
Pourquoi pas et c'est bien lui qui a passe - meme apres son intronisation Patriarche du Siege papal de Saint-Marc - plus de la moitie de sa vie au monastere Saint-Bishoy pour adorer, mediter et se recueillir.
A silver'd convex marks each garish eye, Her hideous visage shines imbrued with ink: And as the bramin waves his lamp on high The satisfied adorer sees her wink.
quelques jours apres les Roys le vindrent adorer, ou l'on peut penser quelles louanges ils donnerent, et au Fils et a la Mere; neantmoins elle ne dit pas un seul mot .
She was a faithful weekly adorer at the Sacred Heart Emmaus Center.
One of his sisters who also has MS told him it wasn't fair that he was diagnosed just as he was beginning to spend time before the Eucharist--the adorer is supposed to receive graces from the hour, not tragedy, she said.