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someone who admires a young woman

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He was a member of Saint Andrew Bobola Church and a weekly adorer at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Webster.
Joseph Church where she was a weekly adorer, she was very involved in church and school activities .She was a very devoted wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend to many, was also an avid reader, she enjoyed needlepoint.
He was also the director of Deaf Ministry for the Diocese of Worcester, and was a weekly Adorer at the Emmaus Chapel in Webster.
He taught Christian Doctrine from 1959 to 1960, served as a Eucharistic minister, lector and greeter, was a weekly adorer at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and was a member of the bible study group.
He was also a member of the First Friday Club and was an adorer for the past 15 years at St.
George's Parish, Worcester, for the past 35 years and held countless roles in ministry including chapel adorer, bereavement committee, lector, choir, women's guild, prayer shawl ministry and CCD teacher.
Depuis plus d'une decennie, il finit par se faire adorer, aduler, idolatrer par la singularite de la prestance, l'assiduite de ses initiateurs et la passion de l'assistance.
But how can such a steely character morph from an extreme adorer to a toxic hater, then back to the beginning, all in a short while?
D'Annunzio was struck by this concept: in his copy of a collection of essays on India by the philosopher Coomaraswamy (1922: 55), La danse de Civa, the Abruzzese poet underlined the following: '"Devam bhutva, devam yajet': pour adorer le dieu, deviens le dieu".
I am also now a regular eucharistic adorer. In the adoration chapel I routinely experience Christ without a morsel or drop passing my lips.
In the impassioned erotic tones of a bhakta (Hindu devotee), he announces: "I am in love with the Gopia, charmed with Crishen, an enthusiastick admirer of Ram, and a devout adorer of Brimha-bishenmehais" [Brahma, Vishnu, Siva: the trimurti/trinity].
Tout comme le docteur Amine Jaafari imagine par Yasmina Khadra, Samir ne peut pas comprendre comment son demi-frere est devenu un integriste: << Quels evenements se sont produits pour que ce type un peu simple, obsede par les filies et par les objets de consommation courante, ce type qui disait "adorer New York" [...], que s'est-il produit dans sa vie pour qu'il choisisse de devenir ce combattant arme, haissant l'Amerique, pret a mourir au nom d'Allah?