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in an adorable manner


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His GoFundMe page quite adorably outlines all the reasons Kamden needs a new chair: "His wheelchair has fallen forward many times and that sucks.
One moment they can be seen on a frozen pond, adorably sharing their food and before you go "awww" they could be throwing themselves each other fighting for the tastier portion.
10 Month Old Fennec Fox - Courtesy of Wikimedia commons/Tom Thai Fennec Fox: This beautiful creature with its adorably huge Dumbo-like ears lives in the Sahara and North Africa (which is actually where we are, how awesome is that
Dressed in his trademark blue suit, Less adorably butchers the German language, nearly falls in love in Paris, celebrates his birthday in the desert and, somewhere along the way, discovers something new and fragile about the passing of time, about the coming and going of love, and what it means to be the fool of your own narrative.
Rhiannon Cherserman and Ryan Heenan are adorably awkward as Frenchy and Doody, with Heenan getting two good musical numbers.
with bright colours, cartoon arrows and adorably posed canine models illustrating each fact and tip.
Brandon, 14 months, grinned adorably and gripped the steering wheel as firefighters in Bude, Cornwall, tried to persuade him to push the button again.
Emily Neves will be providing the English voice for the adorably lazy Umaru in the dubbed version of 'Himouto
Or think about the last time your mom sent you a selfie -- does she have that adorably focused look of concentration with slightly squinty, yet loving eyes that makes you giggle?
by Times News Service Almost all baby animals appear adorably cute to humans.
As a clean-living pop singer, my drugs kick is lived vicariously through Hector's predilection for Nepeta cataria, which makes him try to adorably chew his leg.
Synopsis: Feisty, tenacious, and adorably flawed, Sugar Brennan is fiercely committed to her family, her traditional Christian values, and her spotless reputation in her affluent Southern community.
An adorably funny portrait of an oddball kid who fulfills his destiny--and of his very proud parents.
Cheer yourself up with Kiko's adorably preppy Campus Idol collection, which is housed in fun packaging, emblazoned with varsity stripes.
Adele adorably failed at the lying game, but she was triumphant in emotionally connecting with people through her new song.