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in an adorable manner


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Prince Harry and Princess Diana adorably competed in a sports day event several years ago.
Kids will love to see their own quirks reflected in these adorably rendered creatures, so peek inside for more curious and little-known animal stories one for each letter of the alphabet!
The youngster then proceeds to strike a bottle off the top of the tyre, and celebrates adorably and in similar fashion to his idol Salah by kissing the ground.
Adorably, because he was found in a crisp box, RSPCA inspector Nicola Johnson decided to call him Crispin.
'The killing of our beloved, adorably husky-voiced zany Ben has distressed all of us, battle-scarred and seemingly undaunted and impervious to threats and dangers while courageously, even at times audaciously, running against the tide of daily injustice, oppression, and repression in defense of the defenseless and persecuted,' the group said.
Thefree bear on offeris an adorably cute chocolate brown bear, with blue feet and a National Teddy Bear logo.
We've all heard and used the term "snail mail" for ages now, but Samantha Berger and Julia Patton have adorably and brilliantly put pictures and a story to this cute term.
When asked to provide her surname, the youngster adorably responded "my dog is called Max", before eventually letting policemen in through the front door.
In the picture, Conrad and her husband William Tell can be seen adorably gazing at their 'little guy', Liam, in the oceanside snap.
Say hello to adorably small birthday cards and holiday greetings.
The phone sports a 2K 5.3-inch IPS LCD display and dual 13-megapixel sensors on the back and a 13-megapixel shooter on the front, which are used simultaneously to take a photo from both the back and the front, which Nokia adorably calls "bothie."
Love M is an adorably fashionable gold and diamond collection, paying tribute to the eternal symbol of love and to the magic of love's fleeting moments.
This adorably quirky but at times confusing platform adventure is a tough one to get your head around.
Vivid colors from illustrator ?l?[c]onore Thuillier depict an adorably earnest wolf in stylish shades and bright apparel as he attempts to meet his match.