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Synonyms for adoptive

of parents and children


acquired as your own by free choice


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Inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokine generation by CTLA-4-Ig in the skin and colon of mice adoptively transplanted with CD45Rhigh CD4+ T cells correlates with suppression of psoriasis and colitis.
To assess whether PD-1/PD-L1 in those alloantigen tolerant mice keeps the alloantigen-responding T cells in check, we adoptively transferred CFSE-labeled nai've C3H spleen cells (syngeneic) along with Balb/c spleen cells (alloantigen) to the tolerant C3H mice or naive C3H mice.
Though Fossile and Townley part ways, the child provides an abiding link between them, belonging genetically to one, adoptively to the other.
The fate of the adoptively transferred T cells was investigated by flow cytometric analysis of the TCR repertoire in peripheral blood and immunohistochemistry of tumor specimens with a panel of V[beta]-specific antibodies (30).
A set of S functions for classification and (polychotomous) regression using adoptively selected polynomial splines for the model building based on the MARS algorithm.
3 Table 2 The fraction of non-dividing adoptively transferred lymphocytes is similar in C-Med 100[R] trated and normal recipients.