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Synonyms for adoptive

of parents and children


acquired as your own by free choice


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The fate of the adoptively transferred T cells was investigated by flow cytometric analysis of the TCR repertoire in peripheral blood and immunohistochemistry of tumor specimens with a panel of V[beta]-specific antibodies (30).
A set of S functions for classification and (polychotomous) regression using adoptively selected polynomial splines for the model building based on the MARS algorithm.
3 Table 2 The fraction of non-dividing adoptively transferred lymphocytes is similar in C-Med 100[R] trated and normal recipients.
Websense Enterprise EIM enables companies to adoptively manage how employees use the Internet at work.
Post-immunization T cells were isolated from mice and adoptively transferred into naive mice, followed by intravaginal challenge with Serovar D, the human isolate of Chlamydia.