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a person who adopts a child of other parents as his or her own child

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The mobile first website helps adopters find a range of subjects as they prepare for their adoption placements or allows potential adopters to do a little research before starting their own process.
a Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq:DASTY) company and market-leading provider of 3D development technologies, recently recognized the first ten recipients of the Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5 development platform at the Adopter level.
Differences in adopter characteristics form a basis on which to classify or segment potential consumers.
These adopters each have specific personalities that can be identified and used to implement new policies and procedures.
The tricky challenge right now, of course, is how to stress values that attract late adopters without turning off the early adopters who still dominate the software marketplace (a challenge that Corel is trying to solve).
G5, the leading provider of vertical-specific Local Marketing Solutions, today announced that its Mobile Premium Early Adopter Program (EAP) for Multifamily Housing has sold out.
As of March 2013, 260 gay people had been awarded approved adopter status in England with 155 of these having actually adopted a child.
The adoption of innovation like mobile TV is affected by several factors including adopter categories, perceived characteristics of innovation, perceived popularity, and adopters' demographics (Rogers, 2003).
Now it only takes an average of six months from starting the assessment process to becoming an approved adopter.
Adoption has generally been considered a positive and well-meaning humanitarian gesture toward children in need of families; however, in this book Gailey does a good job of deconstructing any myths surrounding adoption, and successfully calls into question the motivations of different groups of adopters.
The first question any adopter of storage virtualization (or any new technology for that matter) should ask is very simple--is the pain I am experiencing and hope to alleviate with this new solution significant enough to warrant the additional effort in deploying it?
For personal testimony from an adopter who was informed by a psychologist that the "gorgeous looking boy often months" she wanted "would be dull when he reached school age," see Anonymous, "A Baby in Your Arms," Child Welfare League of America Bulletin (December 1937):2.
Eligible products will bear an HDMI Associate emblem so that consumers can easily identify licensed products that are fully compliant with the HDMI specification and are sourced from a licensed HDMI Adopter.
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