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a person who adopts a child of other parents as his or her own child

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Like a neophyte martial artist getting his yellow belt, I was stepping up in class, from slow technology adopter to medium slow.
Dogs showing evidence of undesirable behaviors, such as barking loudly in their kennels and lunging at the kennel door whenever a prospective adopter approaches, are not likely to be taken out by the adopter to examine (Hennessy, et al., 2001; Wells et al., 2002; Wells & Hepper, 2000; Wells & Hepper, 2001).
A number of support-related questions thus arise for the potential virtualization adopter: Who is responsible for new hardware-qualification requirements?
Part of the challenge for manufacturers struggling under mandates is that they are hOt typically early adopters of technology.
* As an adopter, what do I have to offer that will make a difference in the life of one teacher?
There, a group of station adopters fromCarmarthenshirehave been making a positive difference to their community for eight years by looking after their train station.
A spokesman for the BCA said: "When he started his adoption journey 12 years ago, Benjamin was the youngest gay adopter in the UK.
Cambridge Trust company (OTCQB: CATC) plans to be an early adopter of the Massachusetts equal pay law, as part of the City of Cambridge's Early Adopters Initiative, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 1, 2017-Cambridge Trust participates in Cambridge's Early Adopter Initiative of New Pay Equity Law
With over 400 IoT platforms on the market, IoT analyst firm Beecham Research and its partner IoT Global Network have launched the first fully-independent, online IoT navigation tool to match adopter needs with IoT platform capabilities.