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someone (such as a child) who has been adopted

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La Constitution avait ete adoptee en avril 2010 par le Conseil national de la transition (CNT-organe consultatif), mis en place a l'issue de la mediation sous l'egide de la Communaute economique des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (CEDEAO), de l'ancien president burkinabe, Blaise Compaore.
Morey attended his first Korean adoptee gathering at the age of 42.
Other grounds for rescission include the attempt on the life of the child, sexual assault or violence, abandonment or failure to comply with parental obligations, or other acts detrimental to the psychological and emotional development of the adoptee.
Responding to a plea from the adoptees, the pope assured the aging mothers it wasn't a sin to look for the children taken from them so long ago.
Jernigan said if Canopy Services is contacted by an adoptee, It will make its best effort to contact the biological parent to see if they would agree would to release information or have contact with an adoptee.
SYS I've been thinking about the adoptee as a cyborg.
For more information or to purchase Joseph Sabol's book Adoptee: A Childhood of Torment, visit Amazon or Barnes and Nobe.
It is an adoption memoir about an adoptee growing up under the umbrella of secrecy, determined and motivated by multiple lifetime events, to search for her birth mother against all odds of success, and upon a successful reunion, she makes an unexpected discovery.
The adoptees from all around the country came, at their own expense, to meet one another, browse photos catalogued by co-founder Bertha Holt and visit the organization that orchestrated their adoptions.
An adoptee's "dual identity" problem may prompt them to search out their past and pursue information about this unknown self in an effort to resolve the break in the continuity of their lives (cf.
The Irish Mirror launched a campaign last year to grant every adoptee a right to their birth certificate.
Le ministre algerien des Affaires maghrebines, de l'Union africaine et de la Ligue arabe, Abdelkader Messahel, a salue, lundi dernier, a Johannesburg, la decision adoptee par les chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement de l'Union africaine (UA) dans laquelle ils ont souligne la necessite d'efforts internationaux pour un reglement rapide du conflit du Sahara occidental.
Previously only the adoptee and other ancestors had this right.