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someone (such as a child) who has been adopted

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In addition to the broad, bipartisan congressional support for the Adoptee Citizenship Act, the bill has garnered widespread praise among the nations leading adoption advocacy organizations.
The adoptees did not get much better with these new closed adoption laws.
It is an adoption memoir about an adoptee growing up under the umbrella of secrecy, determined and motivated by multiple lifetime events, to search for her birth mother against all odds of success, and upon a successful reunion, she makes an unexpected discovery.
The adoptees from all around the country came, at their own expense, to meet one another, browse photos catalogued by co-founder Bertha Holt and visit the organization that orchestrated their adoptions.
the 18-year-old adoptee as she returns to China to live with her birth
Thousands of Irish adoptees don't know their original names, who their parents are or even if there is a serious illness that runs in the family.
030 of the Missouri Revised Statutes requires the adoptee to consent to his or her adoption.
In addition, research suggested that adoptee identity development was even more complex than originally assumed and tended to fluctuate across the life span (Dunbar & Grotevant, 2004).
Recent reported outbreaks have been associated with international adoptions, including two outbreaks among adoptees from China in 2004 and 2006 (2,3).
Many adoptees wind up wanting to know the entire story behind their adoption at some point in their lives.
La delegation du Soudan a presente un rapport separe et un autre conjoint avec l'Egypte sur la declaration du groupe europeen, qui porte sur la traite des etres humains dans le Soudan et l'Egypte , oE la declaration presente par la Republique d'Allemagne a salue les efforts fait au Soudan representant dans la loi pour lutter contre la traite des etres humains adoptee par l'Assemblee Nationale au debut de cette annee .
In the Comfort of Shadows is about much more than family secrets, politics, adoptee struggles, or even self- discovery: ultimately it's about love past and present, the forces that shape it, and the results of its decisions.
Eecrit par M'Barek Tafsi Nouvelle loi adoptee Ceux qui enlevent ou detournent, ou tentent d'enlever ou de detourner, un mineur de moins de dix-huit ans, [beaucoup moins que]sont punis de l'emprisonnement d'un a cinq ans et d'une amende de 200 a 500 dirhams[beaucoup plus grand que], selon une nouvelle loi adoptee a l'unanimite la semaine derniere par la Chambre des representants, apres son vote par la Chambre des Conseillers.
The PAO shall handle adoption cases only if the prospective adopter is the biological parent or step-parent of the prospective adoptee, and the adopter is indigent.
L'on connaEt egalement la naissance d'autres mouvements comme [beaucoup moins que]Freres Libres[beaucoup plus grand que] qui refusent la politique adoptee par les Freres qui ont oublie les principes d'indulgence de l'Islam et ont accuse Morsi d'avoir oublie l'Islam dans sa quete du pouvoir.