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someone (such as a child) who has been adopted

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Members of the professional mental health community generally accept that adopted persons and adoptive families have both normative and unique developmental challenges (Brodzinsky, 2013).
(36) The statute declares that an adopted person ceases to be the legal child of the biological parent upon adoption; (37) meaning, once Sherri's stepfather adopted her, she was no longer Decedent's legal child or heir.
The Deputy Minister for Social Services, Gwenda Thomas, said the proposals could be introduced for scenarios where the family of an adopted person would want to contact their birth family for health reasons, such as investigating a hereditary condition.
Ms Thomas said: "I believe that there are good reasons why access to intermediary services should be extended to the descendants and relatives of adopted persons.
Just stop and think about it from the perspective of the adopted person. Would you want to be described as - unwanted"?
If a woman or couple chooses adoption, FIA works with them through the decision making processes around selecting an adoptive family, and provides lifelong support to all members in the adoptive circle: birth family, adoptive family, and of course, adopted person. FIA works with all families, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, marital status, age, religion, physical disability, income, sexual orientation, or gender identity/ expression.
Therefore, the discourse about what the significant and contributing factors are to identity (eg race, ethnicity, culture) and their particular meaning, influence and impact on the transracially adopted person may vary by country, depending on current under standings and dialogues about race, ethnicity and culture in a particular location.
AS an adopted person, I know how important it is for a child to have the love, support and family life my adoptive parents gave me and my sister.
"As an adopted person, I am aware of the difficulties an adopted child can have growing up which strengthens my resolve to raise money for this wonderful organisation."
Triseliotis, "Identity Formation and the Adopted Person Revisited," in The Dynamics of Adoption: Social and Personal Perspectives, ed.
This register is open to the public and is a primary means of contact between the adopted person and the birth parents, if all parties agree.
One of the objections to international adoption is the fear that an adopted person will lose their connection to their culture, their language and their heritage.
Virtual adoption is an equitable remedy that puts the virtually adopted person in the position he or she would be in had the adoption been formalized --While it is true that "[t]he nature of equitable adoption is a remedy in equity to enforce a contract right, not to create the relationship of parent and child," (10) what may be equitably enforced is far from concrete.
Adoptive parents are the adopted person's real parents, for one thing, because the law says so.