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Antonyms for adoptable

suitable or eligible for adoption


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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Animal Friends of the Valleys depends on tax-deductible donations from the community to achieve their ultimate mission: ending pet overpopulation and find loving, furever homes for every adoptable animal in their care.
Take advantage of the time a potential customer is in your store visiting adoptable animals to give them a reason to buy from you then and in the future.
"The annual Contest celebrates those dogs that may not earn a Best of Show, but are lovable and adoptable anyway.
Approximately 5,000 animal rescues and shelters across North America directly utilize AllPaws to promote their adoptable pets.
Hepworth is supplying its SuperSleve pipes for the project - a system in use in commercial or industrial construction, adoptable sewers, highways and general building work.
But the hotel doesn't overwhelm road-weary travelers to this mountain tourist mecca, where people come to tour the nation's largest home, the Biltmore estate; cast a fly-fishing rod; or hoist a beer in what has been dubbed "Beer City USA.'' There's only one adoptable dog at a time, and it's always on a leash.
Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play, fun-filled world of adoptable pet monsters, combining virtual pets with social online gameplay and engaging educational puzzles for children.
Adoptable Animals consist of a colourful collection of creatures, including apes, rabbits, parrots, hedgehogs, giraffes and penguins.
In shelter and rescue situations, it is extremely important for personnel to identify the most adoptable animals whose adoptions are unlikely to be delayed for medical reasons.
have been fighting diligently to change policy, bring awareness and stop the unnecessary euthanization of healthy adoptable dogs in the city and county of Los Angeles," Contactmusic quoted her as writing in her blog post for the iVillage series CelebVillage.
A spokesman for Orbit said: "Even though our part of Sampson Close has been designed to adoptable standards and to the guidelines of the council, it cannot be formally adopted as the old part of Sampson Close is private.
The fault for the situation that the council cannot adopt the road and therefore include its maintenance in its general transport budget, because it is not at an adoptable standard, lies with successive governments.
For example, the dogs became more adoptable through better socialization, more exercise and leash-walking practice.
She said: "We have advised the developer of the work what they need to do to bring the network up to adoptable standards and are awaiting confirmation this work has been completed."
But competing to be the most adoptable eventually tests the December Boys friendships to the limit.