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Antonyms for adoptable

suitable or eligible for adoption


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Andersons Bloomingdale location will host a mega-adoption event featuring more than 75 adoptable animals.
Approximately 5,000 animal rescues and shelters across North America directly utilize AllPaws to promote their adoptable pets.
The LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge won't actually support adoptable storage.
The Humane Society of Utah is a progressive shelter working to convey a positive image of adoptable pets through creative marketing efforts.
Below - art and design students Peter Jackson and Megan McCullow showcase their badge-making skills to the customers of Topshop, Metro Centre Left - Megan McCullow and Laura Must with the Adoptable Animals which were sold at Folio in Church Square, Hartlepool and also in Topshop, Metro Centre, Gateshead
Four million healthy adoptable companion pets are being killed every year in our shelters due to overcrowding.
Then you can help the shelter office update its filing system, run errands, or design a Web site that features photos of adoptable dogs.
She said: "We have advised the developer of the work what they need to do to bring the network up to adoptable standards and are awaiting confirmation this work has been completed.
But competing to be the most adoptable eventually tests the December Boys friendships to the limit.
But officials today said to bring them up to adoptable standard, they would need new drains, lighting, road surfaces, kerbs and footpaths.
If we did what is best for obviously unadoptable animals within a humane time frame, would we not have more space and money for adoptable pets, provide a more pleasant shelter atmosphere, and truly be acting with compassion?
To further support the Animal Guardian Ribbon campaign, Janes has designed and produced an original work titled "Awaiting a Guardian," which depicts an adoptable dog donning the orange ribbon on his collar.
Agency policy requires that access by the mother must end for the children to be considered adoptable.
Cats and dogs of all kinds were the real winners when the ARC (which works to end the killing of adoptable animals) presented the HairBall at the Hyatt Sarasota.
Finally, we comment on how instructors and students at many universities can develop collaborative partnerships with animal shelters, allowing students the opportunity to learn important principles while helping make shelter pets more readily adoptable.