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suitable or eligible for adoption


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Started in 1994, the initiative brings adoptable pets from across the country to the NEAS' adoption center in Salem, MA where they are matched with loving families.
The Humane Society of Utah is a progressive shelter working to convey a positive image of adoptable pets through creative marketing efforts.
Below - art and design students Peter Jackson and Megan McCullow showcase their badge-making skills to the customers of Topshop, Metro Centre Left - Megan McCullow and Laura Must with the Adoptable Animals which were sold at Folio in Church Square, Hartlepool and also in Topshop, Metro Centre, Gateshead
Four million healthy adoptable companion pets are being killed every year in our shelters due to overcrowding.
A council report says: "At this time, there are unfortunately no funding sources that would assist the city in contributing to bring the roads across Sefton Park, that are part-owned by the city, to an adoptable standard, but efforts will continue to made to secure such funding.
Cats and dogs of all kinds were the real winners when the ARC (which works to end the killing of adoptable animals) presented the HairBall at the Hyatt Sarasota.
Finally, we comment on how instructors and students at many universities can develop collaborative partnerships with animal shelters, allowing students the opportunity to learn important principles while helping make shelter pets more readily adoptable.
In official eyes Bert was now adoptable, allowed to stay with his foster dads and siblings only until the state of Florida found a more appropriate--read "heterosexual"--permanent home.
Despite the positive changes sparked by the no-kill movement, no-kill shelters are often criticized for rejecting animals that managers don't think are adoptable.
The system enables a "cost-effective reporting system that is highly adoptable across the entire organization," the company adds.
This agreement underscores our extensive work in making StarCore's leading-edge, licensable processor technology the most easily adoptable solution.
The North American Council on Adoptable Children's 1991 study, "Barriers to Same Race Placement," found that African American-run adoption agencies successfully placed 94 percent of black children with black families.
As part of the festivities, stores will be raising money, collecting items for donation and some will be hosting shelters with adoptable pets.
org) is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States.
Dozens of adoptable dogs, cats, and small pets will be available for immediate adoption.