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  • verb

Synonyms for adopt

Synonyms for adopt

to take, as another's idea, and make one's own

to accept officially

Synonyms for adopt

take up and practice as one's own

take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities

take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect

take into one's family


Related Words

take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own

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When visitors rated a dog who was labeled as a pit bull, the dogs were found to be less attractive in terms of perceived approachability, friendliness, intelligence, aggressiveness, and adoptability compared with when the same dog was not so labeled.
The study also concluded that age and breed group were more important than coat color for adoptability.
In order to discover the scope for its adoptability in the modern day international politics and as a state system, To establish that the Islamic State system still maintain its relativity and effectiveness to the challenges of 21st century.
These are some of the complex strategic dimensions the contemporary scholarship needs to focus on to conclude the feasibility and adoptability of minimum deterrence.
The good news is that their increasing adoptability shows signs of rising public confidence in using mobile apps and technology for their personal and commercial needs.
With its adoptability with the cold weather of Azerbaijan, Samand has been among the most popular passenger vehicles in the country.
A growing number of animal shelters and veterinary clinics around the country are offering kitten kindergartens in an innovative way to socialize kittens and increase their adoptability.
With the high cost and growing scarcity of labor, mechanization of trace bloom leaf removal is an important next step to improve cost effectiveness and adoptability of this practice (see photo on page 88).
To date, there was no knowledge recorded on growth-development of Thalli sheep which has a good adoptability in the arid zones of Pakistan.
My role is around consumer adoptability," Lewis says, "so I conduct focus groups, individual interviews, and field studies to find out how people want these garments to fit, what other items in their wardrobe would these things replace or complement, and under what circumstances they would wear them.
Designing CRM solutions with an experience that empowers the user is an important shift toward the increased adoptability of CRM solutions.
The higher number and weight of seedling tubers indicated the adoptability of TPS genotypes in Sindh.
Adoptability is set to increase by over 20% this year alone as more companies
Regional climate and institutional settings and means each play a role in the adoptability of potential strategies.
Since they never worked at different institutions under different set ups, they are not aware of adoptability and flexibility.