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Synonyms for adopt

Synonyms for adopt

to take, as another's idea, and make one's own

to accept officially

Synonyms for adopt

take up and practice as one's own

take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities

take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect

take into one's family


Related Words

take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own

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Effect of social skills training on social adoptability and educational performance amongst slow-learner students", Educational Innovations seasonal, 9th Year, 33: 163-185.
includes information about the child's identity, adoptability,
Face recognition percentage increases with number of training faces in all four methods as the network adoptability capacity increases with training faces
Changing the business model to usage-based will decrease the pricing strategy and will increase its adoptability.
Presenters shared with session attendees the importance of broadband access and its adoptability, and the headway that cities across the nation are making in keeping city broadband programs cost-effective and in encouraging their populations to adopt broadband.
The question of adoptability is one that must be addressed from the beginning of the purchasing process.
The panel makes the final decision on a dog's adoptability.
She stressed on the importance of balance --scorecard and it's essential role that can be played in boosting economic and social development and improvement of customers loyalty and adoptability of best practices in business process and systems, besides, investment of efficient human capitals & advanced technology.
The adoptability of alternative fuels to the conventional diesel engines without rigorous modifications needs the primary analysis towards performance, combustion and emissions.
They called upon the students to become harbingers for a change and show adoptability to changing global scenario.
Besides, through this co-purchasing, their understandings of partner's types of cars raised awareness about adoptability of components between Renault's and Nissan's cars.
The company said that the enhanced user interface will enable greater efficiency and adoptability for its end users.
We believe that the early participation of administrators, service providers, and consumers is crucial for a process that leads to effective development, adoptability, and implementation of tools to measure outcomes.
Dev Bhakta Shakya, an expert on agriculture economics opines that those innovations should be refined further and blended with modern technologies to ensure their adoptability and make them commercially viable.